Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Christmas

This is a photo of Little Sis and I, 1984 visiting the Big Man.

I took the Bubela and the Nosh on the "Santa Express" last week. A lovely friend of mine had invited us along to join her and her kids. We picked up the "Santa Express" at Selfridges in London and took the 15 minute journey to "Lapland" to visit Father Christmas.

NB. Its all a bit confusing in our house with the Channukah/Christmas thing. We visit Father Christmas, but we know that its Father Channukah that delivers the presents - on Christmas Day. And, Mummy and Daddy give the presents for the 8 days of Channukah. Phew, anyone else wanna throw their little tradition into this mess?

Anyway, the journey to "Lapland" was picturesque. We saw reindeer's and rabbits, trees and tinsel, snow drops and snow flakes. Just beautiful. It set the scene to visit Father Christmas.

Now, upon this journey I thought about who would apply for such a job as Father Christmas. What would the job description say? He had to be short. He'd have to be 50ish. And he'd have to be extra friendly.

We dock at "Lapland" and enter the room. "Hello my friends" in the broadest Yiddisher accent you could ever here. My ears pricked and my eyes twinkled like we were on familiar ground. "So, Vhat vould you like for Christmas?" The Bubela shrank into me. He gave the kids a book, "The Snowman" and vished us good health and a heppy new year.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. I love you all dearly.

Be good, be kind and keep healthy.


Saturday, December 08, 2007


*Sigh*. Sorry, I hate to start a post with a sigh, but I saw those feet in my last post and it seems like moons ago that they were exposed and bathing themselves in the warm salty sea. How time runs away with you. And it doesn't help that I'm all bunged up with a cold, tired from an interrupted nights sleep because the Nosh is also bunged up with a cold. So, I'm sitting in and scoffing a box of chocolates (nothing special, just an Advent calender that the Bubela left behind).

Anyway my dear friends and family, Happy Channukah to you all. With Channukah here, it brings to light just how near Chruxmas is *the excitement turns the corners of my mouth upright*.

This explanation of what Channukah really is has been circulating the net - it chuckled me!

1st night - argue over which side candles start
2nd night - cut knuckle grating potato for latkes
3rd night - lose dreidel under fridge
4th night - spend hour getting wax out of menorah holes
5th night - lose track of which night you're on
6th night - get latke grease on good shirt
7th night - fish chocolate coin out of dog's mouth
8th night - be short one candle

As for my latest project. This used to be a pair of maternity trousers that I obviously have no more need for. So, I chopped off a leg, seamed up the sides, made a couple of handles and voila. Well, not exactly. That was the easy bit.

I played around with a photo of the Nosh on Photoshop to give me this negative. Then, used hotfix transfer paper and encrusted with bling. Its my new little nappy bag! I love it.

My Amigurumi Kitten is coming along lovely. Its been my project of late. Photos to come.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Im back!

Great holiday. Beautiful weather. Lots of sleep. A book (almost) read. A few pounds heavier. Same time next year, girls?

There's no place like home though.

The Bubela's top teeth fell out and I wasn't even there. The generous tooth fairy still visited him though. He couldn't say I missed you mummy, it was more of a mithed you mummy. My Bubela is growing up.

The Nosh, unfortunately, caught a bad cold which later developed to a chest infection. Poor Hubby, I just wanted everything to run smoothly (with maybe a slight glimpse of what goes on in the world of 3am). Is it just this household that has a 3am movement world? If its not one thats stirring and calling out for the toilet, its the other moaning and crying for his souther. And this all goes on whilst the Hubby catches his Z's.

Boys - I missed you!

My fingers haven't held the needles yet, nor the hook. I've something else up my sleeve, but I'll try and finish my UFO's first.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Confessions of a Plutzing Mother

So, my suitcase is packed and I'm off. My Sister. My Mum. And I. Eilat, here we come.

I'm leaving Hubby to hold the fort for a week whilst I holiday in the sun. *Imagining lazying under the sun umbrella with my ipod plugged in my ears, a trashy novel in one hand and a Margareta in the other... ahhhh*

Seriously, its a much deserved break for my mum and the reason we are going. It'll be a week of recoupe and re-charging the batteries, a week of togetherness and reminiscing our childhood and a week of pure family love (and hopefully no arguments).

So, in my absence I've left a note of bits n bobs for Hubby. *smiling*

Well, *confessing* a few pages of what goes on behind the scenes.

OK, *don't shoot me* a War and Peace Vol II about the packed lunches, the medications, the social timetables, the homework... Did I say I was supposed to be relaxing on this holiday, Oy vey, more like plutzing.

See you next week.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Washing Day

When I was a little Clayna, only knee high, my favourite doll was my Rageddy Ann. She was life size, with a beautiful patchwork dress and red wool hair. She went everywhere with me. No one was allowed to touch her nor clean her.

One rainy day (I remember it well) my mummy wanted to wash her. After the tears and a good fight she succeeded. I cried throughout the whole cycle. We BOTH (what mother's do) stood outside in the rain. Me waiting, hands cupped, to save Rageddy Ann from when she shot out of the drain pipe, and Mummy trying to reason with me.

After the tears (from me) and the screams (from my mum) a very soggy us came in and I sat by the window of the washing machine watching Raggedy go round, and around, and around. Tears and tears and tears.

Eventually, she did come out - albeit damp and shrivelled. She wasn't the same again. Her hair was a mass of knots, but thank goodness it didn't felt! Her stuffing became all nobbly, but thank goodness it didn't escape.

So, after visiting the dry cleaners on Saturday with my sheepskin and faux fur lined coat.

And having them refuse to clean it.

And being told to do as the label says.

Wash in a large capacity washing machine on a 40 degree cycle.

Flashback. Raggedy Ann.

It wasn't raining, but yes, I sat by the window for approximately 57 minutes during a delicate wash cycle.

How did it come out - Ach you don't to know.

P.S if anyone knows where I can purchase this mirror...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kooky Cakes with Naughty Numbers

Thank you to my dear friend for booking the Nosh into the creche today so that I could attend the gym. Maybe it was a needed hint, maybe to be a chaperon, maybe to see the new walking machine. Nevertheless, a great excuse for Nutella on toast. So, really, Thank you! Next week, same time?

And, this year, instead of cutting a pumpkin, and preparing a gorgeous roasted pumpkin soup, we decided to go for calories make scary cupcakes and decorate them instead. Rather, a messy kitchen, dyed fingers, temptation in the cupboard, and a whole load of E numbers to contend with.

Whilst awaiting two skeins of Rowan Cotton Glace to finish my amigurumi kitten, I've been charity knitting for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. These two little jumpers will become keyrings to be sold for £2.50 each. So, should you have a lonely key in your drawer and you wish to purchase a knitted keyring (handbags and jumpers) (UK ONLY) please contact me with your email address where I can forward on the details of where to purchase them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Nosh's 1st Birthday Balloon Cake

I'm so pleased with how the Nosh's birthday cake turned out. It wasn't too tricky, well, certainly not as fiddly as the pirates ship which I made for the Bubela.

The balloon cake comprised of two 7" circular sponge cakes placed on top of eachother (Nigella Lawson's victoria sponge recipe). I severed the top with a sharp knife to make a dome shape.

Using Royal Icing (ready made) and a half a teaspoon of blue dye, I kneaded it until it was even coloured. Then I rolled it out large enough to cover the whole cake. I'd never iced a cake using royal icing before so it took a couple of attempts to pick it up using the back of a rolling pin, but I got there in the end.

I reserved some of the icing to make the little bow thingy at the end of the balloon and covered three cookies (also Nigella's cookie recipe) for the smaller balloons.

A proud little mama had lovely compliments on the day, not to mention my lovely little "A" Cookies! Take a look.

Now, with a cupboard full of cakes and biscuits and fingers that magnetise to them, I had to buy something to divert my attention. With me its either tea and biscuits or knitting and needles.

This weeks Women's Weekly Knitting and Crochet special have one of Lois Daykin's gorgeous crochet kitten patterns. I've always admired the wonderful Japanese Amigurumi (the wonderful art of crocheted toys), but I've always shyed away thinking I couldn't possibly. Nevertheless, even though I'm a self taught crochet-er with only a couple of stitches under my belt, I went ahead and put hook to Rowan Cotton Glace.

I've already stumbled across a problem dc2tog (eeek!!). I've done something, not sure what though, oy vey. Maybe I've created a new stitch, or maybe somehow actually managed the dc2tog... who knows?

Monday, October 15, 2007

The traffic is just horrendous on the school run. You could be sitting in it for anything up to half an hour solid. Its a great way to let your frustrations out and fantastic when its that time of the month.

Try it. Road Rage Rocks!

So, I'm in the car, road raging (as usual) around the roundabout "grunt, grunt, grunt".

"What Mummy", the Bubela's nose interupts (as usual).

"Nothing, Bubela its just the lousy drivers, don't worry about it. Grunt, grunt, grunt" - keeping it clean.

"Oh" he sounded saticfied. "They're called women drivers, mummy".

{Gasp} Well, I never.

The pirate ship cake was a knock out.
Boys party.
And a pirate ship cake.

Who's the Mummy!

Monday, October 08, 2007

October's here again - Pary Time!

Legs a sprawled, screaming for more pain relief, hubby wiping some sort of damp shmutter across my brow and 36 hours later... out he came - oh the wonderful memories of that day six years ago. Who was it that said you forget the pain?

However, my gorgeous Bubela was born. Six years of adoration, of pride, of nurture, of protect, of worry and bliss.

I love you Bubela and I enjoy every ounce, every inch and every kiss. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY.

This year, to add to celebrations is the Nosh's 1st birthday. Not such a dramatic entrance into the world as the Bubela, but just as memorable. None of that yoga malarky and bouncing on a ball, none of that squeezing and pushing this time around... Hubby scrubbed up, me laid back (could have been reading Hello so relaxed) and out of the sun roof came the Nosh. A day I had waited many a year for. Oh, the river of tears we had.

Now, one year on and I still want to gobble him up. His first 8 months I feel pleased and proud that he was able to share with his Saba (grandfather). I'm warmed by the fact that he was held in his Saba's arms many a time and his Saba adored him. So, apart from a hectic year of too-ing and fro-ing from hospital, weening the Nosh on the run, and shlapping him out to football practice in the rain he has completed my wealth of a family.

Oy vey, so one year on and I've still not framed this keepsake for him.

And I couldn't make one without the other...

Keep watching... I'm attempting to make the birthday cakes myself this year. The Bubela a pirate ship (arrgh I know!) and the Nosh I haven't decided yet, any suggestions?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The kitchen is finished. No more builders, no more mess... not left by builders anyway. The Nosh in the cabinets AGAIN!

The plain old scarf is finished, wrapped and ready for Christmas.

Also, here's a sneaky peak at this finished pressie too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing wrong with a plain old knit scarf

Whilst wondering through the gym the other day, *no don't choke I wasn't on the way to a class*, I was just passing through for a cup of coffee with friends. Actually, one wonders why I pay monthly fees just to visit there for luncheons... *Stop wondering, I will go to the gym*. Soon.

Anyway, I digress. Whilst walking through they have these little display windows where all the local designer shops advertise and pin up some of their garments. They are always eye catching and gorgeous. Sparkly shoes, Silky camisoles, size zero dresses... just gorgeous stuff. Amidst, I spotted the latest D&G chunky knit scarf in black. Very cool, very now and very Christmas Present-ish. Best of all, in just plain old knit stitch. Well, if its good enough for D&G - enough said. So, I frogged a garment (I'm ashamed to say which) for its gorgeous Cashmerino Chunky. Still in good nic!

Just smiling and clicking away with a knit stitch all the way through.

The Bubela wants to know whether Saba took his mobile phone to heaven. "Yes" I replied "but he didn't take his charger". What could I say.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear friends
Thank you all for your prayers, your wishes and your very kind words during the last few months.

Its been tough, it still is tough and its going to carry on being tough. I don't know if its going to get any easier, nor do I know whether I will fill the void left behind. I know that I will never forget Ubba and I know that he will be forever loved and forever missed.

The first and foremost important thing at the moment is to get my mum through this hardship. Mummy, I'll hold your hand forever. I love you. Always.


I can't really say that I have thrown myself into my knitting or my sewing, because its hard to motivate myself into anything at the moment. However, I have managed to finish the Phildar Swing Jacket, although nothing to get all excited about as the sun is shining now and hardly the weather to wear it.
Am I pleased with it? I am proud of myself for 1) completing it; 2) constructing it; 3) hand sewing the bias binding. I do however think its slightly slap dash in places and a little more care could have overseen that... nevermind.

Ooops, forgot to wish you happy Jewish new year. Shana tova to you.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ubba sadly passed Friday morning...

following a bone marrow transplant (used from his own stem cells) which unfortunatley failed, and due to complications Ubba spent his last month in intensive care. Aged just 62, taken from us too soon.

Ubba, my dad. A gentle soul. A caring, kind-hearted and generous family man.

Ubba, married to mummy for 35 years. They met in Israel and enjoyed several years there before settling down here in England. Mummy meant the world to him and from the day he met her, he put her on a giant pedestal. He was always putting her before himself and made sure she was safe and well before looking after himself.

Ubba was always there, a phonecall away. He was the person I would call if something went wrong, or if I needed help quickly, or if I didn't know what to do in a situation. He was my personal 999 call.

As a child, he would bath and tuck me and my sister into bed. As a teenager, he was my personal taxi driver. My tweenties, he took me under the choopah. My thirties, just not long enough. A Sandek to both my boys.

His pride and joy were his grandchildren, two from my sister and two of whom are the Bubela and the Nosh. I hope the Bubela can share his personal memories of Sabba (grandfather) with the Nosh one day. The Bubela was fortunate enough to share many family holidays, family occassions and sleep overs at Saba and Nanas. His Saba was an extremely talented carpenter whom he would help and shadow with his play tool box and help Saba "fix" things. The Nosh he taught to wave and he taught to dance. He loved them both.

Ubba. There is not a bad word to say about you. You always found the good in everybody, no matter how bad they were you would pick out their good.

I will miss your presence. Your strong opinions... and you ARE always right. I'll always remember your colourful stories and I'll share them with Nathan and Adam.

You are at peace now, but you will be truly missed.

I love you.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just a quick visit to say that whilst my Ubba (dad) is critical in hospital, I'll be giving this blog, knitting and crafting a break.

Ubba, I love you. Stay strong and I'll keep praying.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The summer holidays have now begun. Yeah!!!!!

I had two little helpers with these cupcakes. One with messy hands and a pink tongue, the other slept all the way through. However, both found them very tasty. For fear of the Nosh getting no sleep with the colouring additives, he only had a smidgen.

I've bought some gorgeous cupcake fabric. Its very 1950's very cute, and very ready to be made up to a couple of childrens aprons for Christmas projects. Am I way too early to be thinking of Christmas projects?

I'm planning handmade this year for all my gifts.

Last Sunday, I'm on the tube going to visit Ubba (dad) in hospital. And true Sweetpea style, the weird ones always find me. Operatic style lunge did a woman fall onto me. My heart beat ten to the dozen, suspicious little old me thought she was trying to steal my bag, or knife me, or take my jewellery. No, she was just plain old mad, throwing herself at people. Nutters, just leave me be.

So after my trip at the hospital, I gear myself up again for the tube. I see fluorescent yellow jackets swarming the tube station. Police everywhere. An accident with a Range Rover and a police car. Oy vey, whats happened. They've blocked off the roads, I hope they haven't closed the station. Gosh it was like something out of a film. I ask the policeman whats going on. They were shooting The Bill! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She came back!

She came back to visit. This little butterfly came and sat on the Nosh again today.

What does this mean?

Monday, July 09, 2007

The fate of the mistaken biscuits

Last week, I was supposed to crack open these champagne bottles at a hen night in the West End. However, due to the terrorists (again!) they closed a few of the roads off in London, plus some of the tube stations. And, for reasons of safety I thought it best not to travel into London at that time, so I cancelled. I sent Lizzie this card which I cross stitched. It only took about an hour to make, a great last minute card creator and very cute too.

Yesterday my crafting fingers tried salt dough ornaments... they ended up in the bin just after Hubby picked one up and said "biscuits?". Oy vey. With the amount of salt I used it would have seriously killed him. Oy vey. I wouldn't mind, they didn't even look like biscuits.

Sorry, I didn't take a photo.

However, the aim was to make little bits and bobs and sell them at the school Chanukah fete. As one usually does, I ran before I could walk... the story of my life. I was trying to make some really cute candle sticks in the shape of people. There was alot of rolling, alot of cutting and shaping and... The conclusion, too fiddly for manicured hands.

I did make some letters using cutters and placed a hole in the top corner using a straw in which I was planning to put a keyring chain. Cute idea. Those were the mistaken biscuits.

In other news:

Weight watchers - I never managed to get there.

I popped into Metro Tesco to buy a few things just before getting weighed and whilst I was waiting in the aisle for the fella who was going "out the back" to check whether he had any plain flour, the other fella stacking the shelves dropped two jars of something orange (maybe a korma) on the floor. Sh**. All over my trousers. I was wearing flip flops... it wasn't pretty! I didn't even get angry, I just said "accidents happen". Anyway, I thought it wrong to put my korma feet onto the scales - so I came home and had coffee and cake!

The Nosh had a visitor today. Can you see her, she's landed on his hat.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rain, rain go away...

Its July. (Does one cheer; does one cry)

For many this means bikinis and beaches, sunhats and suncream. For me, I'm just the same, only this year it'll be a tan from a bottle. The Bubela, he has a wardrobe itching to showcase, and The Nosh is ready to bare his soles in the pram.

"Summer, where are you?"

June came and I packed my winter wardrobe away (naturally, didn't you?) and rekindled a love with some old flames. Some, seriously old - being as last summer I was pregnant. Only now, on the school run every morning its a tad fresh - to say the least. Some mums even sport a coat. Me, I brave the breeze rigid.

So now is just the right time to sew the binding, collar and buttons onto my Phildar Swing Jacket. Now is just the right time, so whats holding me back? I'm a bit nervous that I don't have the right technique. I'll have to speak to my gals over at the KAL.

Check out the new only family photo in the sidebar.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

A meek hello and apologies for my absence

Bianca... thank you. I've not blogged for wee....ks. Thats not for having nothing to blog about as I've been plenty knitting (and crafting, hoot hoot!!). I just felt like my candle had been blown out. So, thank you Bianca for leaving a warming comment and for relighting my flame.

Where does one start with so much to show you. Here's just where I left off.

My first bag (pictured above) turned out to be a real mess. Being a self taught sewer, reading the pattern was, in places, like reading hieroglyphics. There were symbols I couldn't fathom. Putting the bag together was a mess too, I couldn't figure out how to turn the bag right side out. Blurgh. So, I bodge-jobbed this together and put the cover back on the sewing machine and took to the net to "research" techniques.

Weeks later, and I'm so pleased with this little beauty. I found the pattern here. Its such an easy bag to make - an excellent first project for aspiring sewers alike. As for the directions: they were easy to follow; very well explained (especially the turning the bag through bit); and jargon and symbol free.

There will definitely be more sewing in the pipelines. Watch this space!

Now, remember my fiasco with the crocheted blanket? Well, it had a stalling due to my KnitPicks yarn shortage. And, to the rescue (again!) my dear friend Shanidy of Purls and Curls, thank you, Shanidy. She so very kindly sent me the yarns.

So progress has picked up again on this, albeit very slowly.

I'll leave my other crafterlies for another post.

In other news:

The Nosh - is finally sitting up. 8 and a half months and he realises toys are so much more fun from an elevated view.

The Bubela - is syking himself up for the summer holidays. 3 more weeks left of school, then bring on the summer holidays.

WeightWatchers - I was half a pound away from target. HALF POUND. Then I go and put 4lbs on in one hit. I've been really good this week, so I hope I'll lose a lb.

I'll leave you with photos of our trip to Central London, click here. Sight seeing in your own city is amazing. The Bubela had such a ball, especially with his love of castles and soldiers he was in awe.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Just a quick post...

to show you a glimpse of the bag I'm sewing together.

I've had to have a weeks break from the bag project (in fact, all my projects) due to a stinking good old fashioned cold. The type where your whole body aches, your eyes feel like they are being poked with hot irons, your nose feels like its been clamped down, your throat like a blazing fire and a headache like a day in Parliament. I can't remember the last time I felt so bad.

I lost my appetite then I found it, but where have my taste buds gone? There's no fun in fressing chocolate with no taste buds.

I've a swap pending from the Gimme Your Stuff website. I'm keeping to one swap at a time else I'd get farmischt with too much going on. I've enjoyed shopping for my swap partner, I hope she likes everything I bought for her. I'll post pictures when the swap is complete.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


What do you search for when travelling the world? I'm always in search of crafty bits and bobs, or magazines that I can't get hold of here. Make-up and creams. Now, with this amazingly cool site, you can swap almost anything from the comfort of your living room.

An international swap site. Drum roll!!

Gimme Your Stuff

Literally, you can swap almost anything you want. So, just post a comment if you want to swap.

I'm happy to send you anything providing I can get hold of it and its not too heavy for postage.

Here's what I can offer:

1. Yarn, fibres or knitting magazines
2. Fabric, Fat Quarters, quilting magazines
3. Buttons, ribbons and trimmings
4. Card making crafts, stickers
5. Cross stitch magazines, or patterns
6. Childrens or vintage Magazines, comics or books.
7. British Newspapers.
8. Tea, shortbread biscuits, Cadbury's chocolate or sweets.
9. Any other British little kitschy gems you fancy.

Here is what I'd like to receive:
1. Yarn
2. Fabric, vintage or otherwise. I like the pretty stuff.
3. Sewing patterns for bags, accessories and kids stuff.
4. Knitting or crochet Magazines/books.
5. Japanese crafty magazines/books (Cotton Time Mag, Tiny Patchworks, Handmade Zakka).
6. French Marie Clare Idees Magazines
7. Pretty much anything crafty!

Lets get spoilt rotten. Contact me in the comments or email me estee(dot)moscow(at)sky(dot)com

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Ugly Betty wears heels

Some may think I'm this rock chick that knits (and I hate to disillusion) but, I'm more like a Betty Suarez who does housework with Barry Manilow on her ipod.

So now the secrets out I'm gonna take a gamble and tell you another one. That I'm probably the one and only and last person on this here planet that STILL watches Newlyweds. Yes, I know they're divorced, but I'm living the past. I guess you could call me a Jessica Simpson fan, there you are, I said it. So when I saw these little gems of a clog I had to grab them with both hands and rush over to the till before anyone could persuade me otherwise. Jessica Simpson clogs, *shriek*, I know. And the soles are enscribed with her autograph. Love 'em. Love 'em. And they're kinda rock chickish.

Are you still here?

Anyway, the purpose of the shopping trip was to visit my local craft store. So, there I am pushing the pram (clogs in the basket underneath) and I notice the Nosh has lost his sock. Oy vey. Not again. When he's excited he has a little Riverdance thing going on... he must have had one of those moments in the shoe shop and kicked off his sock.

Oh well, another one bites the dust.

I purchased some lovely letterbox red buttons and binding for my Phildar Swing Jacket. Beige and red. Does that go? I guess anything really goes with beige and for me, the brighter the contrast the better. And, I bought some stuff(!?) for a new sewing project I have in mind. Fabric can get very addictive, but I've promised myself not to build a stash until I know that I will enjoy sewing it up.

Sweetpea Family turn your heads 'cos the very sight of this dish may churn stomachs. For the past week, we the Sweetpea family have had cauliflower. We are sick sick sick of it. We had cauliflower cheese, of which the leftovers were mouleed for the Nosh. Great dish. Thank you Eva for your tip on ridding of bugs and thanks girls for your recipe suggestions.

p.s. I'm actually more of a Nick Lachey fan.
p.p.s. I've 3lb to target.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fancy a floret or two of cauliflower dipped in houmous anyone?

What is it with MIL's. Ruth's gave her most of the contents of her larder. Mine, well mine did warn me in advance... but she turned up at the house yesterday with the most enormous cauliflower one could ever lay their little hands on.

Why, I hear you ask. I don't know, I didn't ask for it. Its not like I'm a cauliflower addict or anything, or that I'm throwing a big cauliflower cheese surprise party this weekend, or even planning an "how big is yours" competition.

What am I going to do with it. The photo doesn't even show the exact enormatity of it, even though I've tried to put it next to an average sized carrot. However, its 15" x 15" x 8". Oh, and thats after she had cut off all the branches and leaves it came through the door with.


The Bubela eats very little *full stop*, the Hubby is just as fussy as the Bubela but with a cordon bleu twist, me I eat most things but I'm just a bit creeped out by the bugs that are probably living in that monster. Unless its supermarket washed and packaged with a price tag of at least three digits then I'm cautious... to say the least. And the Nosh, well, he seems my best bet. Great eater. Hasn't turned his nose up at anything yet. Guess I'm just going to jeuzz it down with cheese and pasta.

I've been busy on the crafterly front too. Crocheting my first doily, progressing on the crocheted picnic blanket ('cept I've run out of KnitPicks yarns), plodding along with my Phildar swing jacket, trying to sew up a peg bag (without pattern - not good news for a beginner) and revising a pattern for my next sewing project (of which I shall be buying materials today).

So its no wonder why I'd been feeling a bit bleurr this week. Just conjested and heady, but nevertheless still ill. And I say just because if it was Hubby who was conjested and heady, his would have been a viral infection, naturally.

And to add sticks to the fire this week, I had to contend with a situation at the school with the Bubela. Jimmy Bossypants* was getting just a bit too bossy and his unhealthy obsession (of two years) with the Bubela has now got to stop. Go and find another friend Jimmy.

*Names have been changed to protect the underage.

**Edited to add a photo of Me and The Cauliflower**

Friday, April 20, 2007

Procrastinating Friday...

'Cept mines been Wednesday through Friday. And oy vey, am I knackered from doing nothing. Well, not nothing...I've been researching sewing projects. A tutorial for a tote and Amy Butler patterns.

Not to mention the lovely crocheted bags here and here. And this hat is a must.

And just love this knitted bag.

What does one teach a six month old. To sit up perhaps? Or if your lucky maybe to crawl? Me, I need to teach the Nosh that when the bowl is empty, that means no more food is coming.

The Bubela. He says he knows everything. That I don't need to teach him anything. So, I ask him what he's going to be when he grows up with all that knowledge. "Taller", he replies. He does make me smile.

One with his fathers wit, the other with his mother's palate.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FO in the sewing world

OK. This is all a bit much for me... One day knitting, the next crochet and now sewing! Oy, the world is my oyster.

My mother gave me her old sewing machine, and I say old because it was her mothers before that. After taking in its manual, then having a couple of lessons from mummy herself *thank you mummy, for flying over here last night to help me insert the bobbin*. And when I say fly, you'd better believe it.

I put thread to fabric and off I went. Arrhhh.... sew exciting.

You know the feeling when you get a new toy and all you do is look and touch, and dust and clean, but dare not play for fear of marring and spoiling, or greasing and scratching, at worst breaking it...I did that for a week.

? I know.

I also scoured the net for projects and found that a good beginner project would be an apron. And seeing as I'm a Monica around the house and a Bree in the kitchen... although Hubby would probably add wanabee infront of both those names.

So, in Bree fashion I cut out the shapes from the fabric which, btw is recycled curtains from my spare room in my old house, promoted to a dust sheet in my now house. Love recycling.

I ironed down my seams and tacked them. Though, in hindsight I didn't really need to tack them if I'd ironed them. I then placed the pieces together and sewed.

Sew proud of my first sewing finished garment.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Love is... Bonjella Bliss

When the Bubela was born I was very lucky to have him grow up along side my friends little girl. There was only 8 weeks difference between them and we would always compare notes and pretty much did everything together. If one would cry we'd question why, shrug our shoulders and dubiously whisper "teething?". If one wasn't sleeping through the night for a couple of nights... teething. Gone off food... Teething. Poo-ing... TEETHING. Who knew what it would be, but we'd bung in the Bonjella teething gel and watch the both of them lick their lips and appease.

The Nosh had a burst of tears today... dare I ask? I bunged in the Bonjella anyway.

Phildar Swing Jacket got thrown on the floor in a rage yesterday. Well, not a rage just a frustrated urgh. I finished the whole left side only to notice I didn't split the side for the pocket. Oy vey, had to frog the blooming thing. Well, we all know what WIP will be out tonight during Ugly Betty.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Geri's Losing, Posh is Gaining and Coleen's Yo yo-ing

Me... I gained half a pound. **Shriek** One supposes too many almond macaroons.

Anyway, I'm grabbing a Starbucks and a cookie and heading over to the Phildar Swing Jacket KAL to introduce myself. I've had a browse through some of the finished Swing jackets and they look great.

I'll post progress pics in the next few days.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dont munch on matzah's alone...join a KAL

Oh my goodness, the excitement is too much. OK, the photo doesn't exactly shout extreme jubilance, but I promise I'm jumping for joy inside.

No one likes eating alone in a restuarant, nor do we like enjoying a film alone. However, sometimes circumstances force us to do so. So when someone says join the party you grab your needles and accept with thanks. Needless to say, I'm more like the gatecrasher sneaking in the back door. With thanks to Kate at KnitLit for the link to the Phildar Swing Jacket Knit-a-long, I'm now able to knit along with friends.

So, when I've stopped munching on matzahs and fishballs, I'll pick up a starbucks and join the fun.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A recipe to enjoy for Pessach

Hands up if you love Pessach cookies/cakes? Me. Me. Me... I say as I've just returned from the weight watchers meeting. I've lost another pound, taking me to 23 1/2lbs. (5lb until target) *clap, clap, clap*. *Nosh, this is all your fault, but boy, were you worth it*.

Matzo Cookies

They're sweet, soft and chewy.


1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup of matzo meal
1 cup of ground almonds
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 eggs

Cream butter and sugar. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. If its too sticky add another 1/2 cup of matzo meal.

Roll into balls with damp hands and place onto greaseproof paper.

Put into a preheated oven 375* for about 12 minutes (until golden).

Hag sameach and enjoy your seder. Guess who's home for Pessach... ubba (my dad's out of hospital).

In the world of knitting

I'm still knitting up the Phildar Jacket. Things got a bit sticky last night though, Im finding their instructions a little tricky in places . Is it me, or do they not explain decreases very well? Anyway, it got my brain ticking but I eventually got there. Apart from having to think in places, its actually a very easy knit. I'm loving the look of the woven stitch.

As for the crochet blanket, its become my project on the go. Talk about ease of transport with a hook. No poking anyones eyes out and no flapping elbows, I'm loving the hook.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wishing you a happy Passover

Its been a busy week here preparing for Pessach (Passover) - and thats without the cooking. Tomorrow I'll start the baking, possibly with the Bubela if the Playstation isn't more favoured at the time. If you have a 5+ you'll know what I mean.

I bought this new seder plate, do you like it? Was it a bargain, ach. If I use it once a year for the next 30, I'll get my monies worth.

As for the knitting, or should I say crocheting... yes I cracked it. I've finally worked out how to use that hook. I'm knitting achem, crocheting the Rowan picnic blanket from Rowan 41. So proud.

I'm going to set up in my sidebar a "Photo/s of the week". Be it as exciting as the trip to the zoo, or as mundane as the school run. I'll start with the first day of the half term holiday. The Nosh is doing as he usually does, smiling and the Bubela sharing his excitement of the holidays.

News in brief
The Apprentice is back!
WW loss: 21 1/2 lbs (but still not in my jeans!)
The Nosh is eating wonderfully.
I've cancelled my gym membership *gasp*

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A perfect finish

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Eyelet Vest from Special Knits.

Materials: Jaeger Aqua

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Burning needles

My needles have been racing this week with new projects.
For my Ubba (dad), who turned 62 on Friday and is sick in hospital, I'm knitting a scarf to keep him warm. I'm stash busting by using the Cascade 220 which I overbought (as per normal) for the mini flower basket (Vogue Fall 05). Colour - mustard. I haven't got a pattern but I'm thinking a textured knit, either a cable or a half woven stitch.

Next up I'm knitting a Debbie Bliss top from Special Knits for baby Fay who's 9mths now. I'm using Jaegar Aqua in India Cerise.

BTW, I did knit a beautiful dress for her which I was very naughty about and didn't blog my progress throughout. I'm just waiting for a photo of the gorgeous girl to show you all what she looks like in it. *Prompt Loulou*

And one for me. I've cast on Phildar Quietude for this gorgeous swing jacket from Phildar Autumn 06/07. Its the first time I've used any Phildar yarn or even seen a pattern book - love it, its my new Vogue.

The stitch here you see is the half woven stitch which I plan on using for Ubba's scarf.

Now for Jade. She's gorgeous, but I sense she is going to be a slow fairisle project.

Unfortunatley, those Norweigan socks have now taken a back burner... thats what happens with me a socks.

As for The Nosh and weening. *kvetch, kvetch, kvetch* Spoon in, spit out. Spoon in, spit out. Oy. Not only has he learnt to spit out over this weening process, he now has learnt how to watertight his mouth *sigh*.

Today possible breakthrough, I offered him banana... love it, loved it, loved it. YES. Until Hubby got his hands on him. Hubby fed him at 3pm and apparently got nisht. *Sigh* New day tomorrow, new start.