Monday, October 08, 2007

October's here again - Pary Time!

Legs a sprawled, screaming for more pain relief, hubby wiping some sort of damp shmutter across my brow and 36 hours later... out he came - oh the wonderful memories of that day six years ago. Who was it that said you forget the pain?

However, my gorgeous Bubela was born. Six years of adoration, of pride, of nurture, of protect, of worry and bliss.

I love you Bubela and I enjoy every ounce, every inch and every kiss. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY.

This year, to add to celebrations is the Nosh's 1st birthday. Not such a dramatic entrance into the world as the Bubela, but just as memorable. None of that yoga malarky and bouncing on a ball, none of that squeezing and pushing this time around... Hubby scrubbed up, me laid back (could have been reading Hello so relaxed) and out of the sun roof came the Nosh. A day I had waited many a year for. Oh, the river of tears we had.

Now, one year on and I still want to gobble him up. His first 8 months I feel pleased and proud that he was able to share with his Saba (grandfather). I'm warmed by the fact that he was held in his Saba's arms many a time and his Saba adored him. So, apart from a hectic year of too-ing and fro-ing from hospital, weening the Nosh on the run, and shlapping him out to football practice in the rain he has completed my wealth of a family.

Oy vey, so one year on and I've still not framed this keepsake for him.

And I couldn't make one without the other...

Keep watching... I'm attempting to make the birthday cakes myself this year. The Bubela a pirate ship (arrgh I know!) and the Nosh I haven't decided yet, any suggestions?


Bianca said...

What a wonderful story and the wonderful pictures you make for them.

I really hope, that the Nosh will have kept something of this feeling with his grandfather deep inside, as he is so small.

I really have no idea, what kind of cake you could make for the little man. Perhaps a colourful heart? As a synonym for the love, the happiness and the fortune to have such a family (which can be read in many of your posts) and such a little miracle.

Kind regards,

Janey said...

Your posts are so heartfelt and full of love. You have a beautiful family and you clearly adore them.

Your pictures are lovely!