Friday, July 20, 2007

The summer holidays have now begun. Yeah!!!!!

I had two little helpers with these cupcakes. One with messy hands and a pink tongue, the other slept all the way through. However, both found them very tasty. For fear of the Nosh getting no sleep with the colouring additives, he only had a smidgen.

I've bought some gorgeous cupcake fabric. Its very 1950's very cute, and very ready to be made up to a couple of childrens aprons for Christmas projects. Am I way too early to be thinking of Christmas projects?

I'm planning handmade this year for all my gifts.

Last Sunday, I'm on the tube going to visit Ubba (dad) in hospital. And true Sweetpea style, the weird ones always find me. Operatic style lunge did a woman fall onto me. My heart beat ten to the dozen, suspicious little old me thought she was trying to steal my bag, or knife me, or take my jewellery. No, she was just plain old mad, throwing herself at people. Nutters, just leave me be.

So after my trip at the hospital, I gear myself up again for the tube. I see fluorescent yellow jackets swarming the tube station. Police everywhere. An accident with a Range Rover and a police car. Oy vey, whats happened. They've blocked off the roads, I hope they haven't closed the station. Gosh it was like something out of a film. I ask the policeman whats going on. They were shooting The Bill! :)


ruth said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! And wow, you've planned for homemade gifts? Brave one you are. I'm always scared of looming deadlines. ;)
That's funny about those interesting occurrances all in one day. We'll be in London in a couple weeks so we'll see what interesting characters/scenarios we'll bump into! =)

Bianca said...

I understand you completly! Really Homemade presents are something, that has to planned very carefully.

Fortunatly I made it in the past years very well. But I have to admit, that I stopped the plans to stitch all my Christmas cards and prefer to tinker them. As I have lot's of cards, this is much less stressful.

What a day! But thank God, those things never happened to us when we went to London (except of a thief in the underground). Next time we will be there with friends in October.

Kind regards and have a nice weekend

KnitYoga said...

Sounds like some day you had there with the crazy lady and the swarming police! Eeeeek!

Did someone say cupcakes? Now you're talking! :-)