Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Confessions of a Plutzing Mother

So, my suitcase is packed and I'm off. My Sister. My Mum. And I. Eilat, here we come.

I'm leaving Hubby to hold the fort for a week whilst I holiday in the sun. *Imagining lazying under the sun umbrella with my ipod plugged in my ears, a trashy novel in one hand and a Margareta in the other... ahhhh*

Seriously, its a much deserved break for my mum and the reason we are going. It'll be a week of recoupe and re-charging the batteries, a week of togetherness and reminiscing our childhood and a week of pure family love (and hopefully no arguments).

So, in my absence I've left a note of bits n bobs for Hubby. *smiling*

Well, *confessing* a few pages of what goes on behind the scenes.

OK, *don't shoot me* a War and Peace Vol II about the packed lunches, the medications, the social timetables, the homework... Did I say I was supposed to be relaxing on this holiday, Oy vey, more like plutzing.

See you next week.


goodkarma said...

Have a wonderful holiday! Lots of love and support for your mum; a margarita or two won't hurt, either. xoxo

Knitting Mummy said...

You are such a lucky girl, I could never leave my hubby to have all my He would have a break down, have a great time and enjoy your mum and your sister.