Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sorry, this doughnut's got no sugar!

I walked into the classroom. Kids, Babies no more than 3, toddled around the room from one activity to the next. Teachers entertaining. Tables set out for crayons, easels for paints, book boxes, toy boxes, kitchen corner... nursery activities.

*oh my goodness, am I ready for this yet?*

My little Nosh, just a breath past two years, will be attending this nursery soon and today was our visit to see how things are run. My little Nosh, never a day away from me, the extension of my leg, my little lunch buddy, my reason for rolling and laughing around on the floor, my story listener, my finger cruncher. My Nosh-pot!

He had a lovely morning playing, and I sat and watched as he mingled with his peers, as he explored the room and took to new surroundings. He even made a friend, aarrrhhhhh. A smile sat on my lips as I watched him enjoying, playing and gaining an Independence and confidence. I didn't expect him to be so confident. And, I didn't expect me to feel so ok with everything.

Then, he saw me and made a b-line. Here it comes, my lap warmer. But hang on. "bye Mummy" then he puckered his lips to kiss me goodbye.


Obviously I didn't leave. I wasn't ready to let go, and we were just checking the place out. We're going back in a few weeks to see them again. I've gotta get myself used to this again.

Sorry, no photos today. Dontcha hate posts without pictures, bit like a doughnut without the sugar. Talking of doughnuts, 23 days until Channukah.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The sewing machine gets a night off

A cup of hot cocoa, thick woolly socks, legs tucked under a fleece blanket, pulled in tight to my chest and Hubby sitting an inch away. I'd like to say the fire was burning coal, (but ours is a modern day electric one) and two glasses of red sitting on the mantle, but its a school night...

Nevertheless, It's lovely and cosy snuggled here on the sofa watching Desperate Housewives. A night off from the machine was lovely - though, a difficult decision to make. DH v Vintage Singer, hmm. Difficult, hey?

Here's a sight of my new label, posing on one of my applique tee's, but more of the t-shits another time. When the climate warms, they'll come out for show. Bloomers too, they'll also be on my show off list! But the label, I'm really pleased with. I like the logo and the colours. I toyed with many combinations and logos, but this one settled.

I've also failed to mention in the past that I'm a Marie Claire Idees subscriber (amongst many others). Its a French magazine of beautiful handpicked items and crafty things to make with full Instructions (great if you've a French tongue), pour moi c'est difficil. Whilst they are a tad tricky to understand, they are inspirational and beautiful to look at. This quarter's mag wasn't as impressive as usual, I have to admit, especially it being their Christmas edition. However, it's still unputdownable. Here's a flick through a few pages.

I especially liked this teddy bear appliqued coat. Just Gorgeous.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I've found a new friend, or sort of been reunited with an old one (if you could really call her that). We last saw each other when we were 7, then she found me on Facebook. Now, I'm very excited about being reunited (in a funny sort of way) as I'm so intrigued as to where she went. I remember her at school, she was sorta geeky, (wore the free National Health pink glasses, or did she wear the black ones) but there one day, then gone the next! But being a kid I didn't question it - at seven life is as it presents.

Anyway, poor little girl was shipped off to her birth mother that she barely knew, taken away from her brother and father. 200 miles away from "home", and from the only people she knew as family and friends.

Anyway, she grew up having a normal childhood and adulthood. Met, I guess, the man of her dreams and has two children with him and he now has taken a job back in her home town. At present, he commutes - week days here, weekends there. She's got a phobia about coming back, don't know why.

Hubby questions why I'm so interested in someone I barely know. My answer is just that I'm plain old nosey. Is that wrong? I'm interested in what my past friends are up to now or what paths their lives took. Aren't you? He doesn't get the whole Facebook thing. He thinks I should stick to sewing! Which brings me to mention that above is to become a halterneck dress, so keep watching. Fabulous flirty fabric from Heather Bailey.

Below is a custom made simple A-line dress. Specifications were to be dark, plain and long. So the only fussy-ness I could add was the handmade bias binding trimmed around the neckline and arms.

Im dead pleased with its turnout and I feel like the proud mother of a zip insertion.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been busy... doing stuff!

41 days until Christmas - not that I'm sitting at my window sill peering into the night yearning for a glimse of a red cape and hooves, or anything. Nor also that I'm preparing a countdown graph of moon and sun risings, or any other evidence pertaining to galactical movement.

But joke aside, it is my favourite time of the year, my favourite! And, I have a double wammy because we celebrate Channukah too.

I love waking up at dawn to a little tap on my shoulder and a sweet excitable voice asking "is it morning yet?".

Gowned and slippered, Hubby and I follow downstairs and watch two little boys open their presents, present by present.

So, 41 days and counting. What's on your Christmas make list this year? I've got a few ideas, though barely in stitches.

First up, awaiting embellishments and sleeves, we have this lovely little ensemble, size 5.

Can you sort of make out this lovely smock top once the sleeves are sewn on. Its a button up the back fastening.

Until next time. xx