Saturday, May 30, 2009

We've arrived home!

The Sweetpea Family.

Yes, home and dry from a very relaxing and fun filled holiday. The boys had a great time at the beach snorkling, surfing and swimming whilst I sat with a Jodi Picoult under the shade. Dontcha just love getting away?

My creation

Thankfully, I've still got the weekend to recover before I dust off the Old Singer. Monday morning (after the weight watchers meeting that I'll be returning to) we'll rekindle our love as I've another clothes party to prepare for and stock has reduced considerably.

Before I went away I drew a few new designs for the applique t-shirts which I'll be showcasing here very soon.

The brand new Sew magazine has arrived and its one of the better magazines I've seen in a long time. Its outlay is that of Crafts Beautiful and Simply Knitting, it features lovely patterns, has great articles and best of all... a little snippet of Sweetpea4kids. Yes!! Can you believe they have featured Sweetpea4kids in their magazine. Im delighted, I hope it attracts new custom. For a closer peek, look here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dancing Queen, you are my...

I have various decades that I'm fond of for various reasons. The forties for their fashion, the fifties for their movies, the sixties for Elvis and the seventies for almost everything.

As a seventies baby, I was lucky enough to be amongst the best dressed trend (IMO). I started school singing to Brotherhood of Man's "Save all your kisses for me..." and sucked the sherbet out of flying saucers. I sipped milk through a straw at school before Margaret Thatcher became the milk snatcher. My dolls were all called Lulu and my mum read me bedtime stories from the big yellow Fairy Tales books.

As an eighties kid, I was taken to my first disco by my first boyfriend, Adam Finn. I wore a little black dress with a glitter stripe running through. He bought me a squash which was poured into a white plastic cup and we hung around chatting. To be honest, thats all I remember of the date. Sorry Adam Finn. My hair was permed and I wore blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Baggy jumpers worn with brightly coloured leggings. My ears were decorated with co-ordinating large plastic earrings and my arms with the same plastic bangles. Judy Blume's "Are you there god, its me Margaret"'s book was my bible, as were most of Blumes's.

My nineties were amongst my best. A Chippendale groupie that partied with the best. Picking mango's on a kibbutz and waiting tables in Jerusalem. A kiss on the doorstep and falling in love ended my nineties under a chuppah.

My noughties rollercoastered, more ups than downs. Yet the best thing to come out of them so far are my two best[est] boys. My Bubela and My Nosh.

What are your best decades (those obviously old enough to have a selection to chose from)?

p.s. Photo 1. is me 1975 with Lulu. Photo 2. is me (lower left) 1992 just before a Chippendale bash.

I picked up some vintage childrens stories at the charity shop. I'll show you what I've done with them in my next post.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to the new face

Hows the makeover?

I know its long and overdue, but its finally here after all these years of blogging. What do you think? I love it. It was either this or start a fresh blog but, I like the fact that my regular visitors are reading what I've been up to ;0) and, how would you find me if I started afresh ;0)

Have you heard about the Babushka? She's the new black.

She's my favourite. Always has been.

Sweetpea4kids will shortly be releasing t-shirts in a variety of colours. To be amongst the first for updates in the shop, become a Facebook Fan (details in the sidebar).

I close for now, au revoir.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet my cheif button sorter...

My regular source of providing me buttons did not fail me when I picked up this huge box of buttons. I don't think I'll need to buy another button for years. Seriously, I have this new fetish with buttons. I see lots of kids crafts coming into light with the use of these :). Now, what glue would be strong enough to hold and mild enough for kids to use? Hmmmm.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Hi *waves*

I thought I'd pop in and say hi. The absence is long, its overdue and its because I've been tied up with the dress making. Not a moment for the blog. Sorry.

The featured dress has already been sent to its new owner. Age 3. Its what I call "design your own dress" option, where you can pick your own fabrics for this style dress. I offer this at the house parties I am now attending. And, this is the result of one of the dresses. What a pretty combination and a great seller.

I received my first order from Folksy last week, and I was chuffed at the testimonial she left me...

I am absolutely thrilled with the dress I received today for my 2-year-old daughter. Estee went out of her way to make it for me quickly in time for a special party; from payment to receipt of the dress it took 3.5 days in total! I am so impressed with Estee's service. I won't hesitate to recommend Sweetpea4Kids to all my mum friends, and will be back myself as soon as I can.

I made her the Yellow Sunflower dress and trimmed it with navy bias binding around the neckline and armholes. It did look pretty.

Im now live!