Monday, August 18, 2008

I touched your forehead “I love you Ubba, your going to be ok. I promise.” A promise broken and never forgotten, but could never have kept. I often wish my last words to you were different, but I still didn’t believe them to have been the last words I would have ever said to you. There would have been a number of things I would have said if I knew… “I’ll always love you” “I’m so proud that you were my Ubba” “Thank you for the best things you ever did for me” “Thank you for just being you” “Don’t be scared…we’ll be ok”.

As the week encroaches the year anniversary of the passing of worlds of our Ubba, things have been.... different.

I'm dedicating this blog post to a special man, my father.

Not a minute passes in a day that my Ubba has not entered my thoughts. I can still hear his voice, his accent, his words. The more I remember, his goodness and kindness shines brighter and the higher an angel he has become.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Have you found your pot of gold yet?

London (UK, not Canada) the weather is gorgeous! Showers most days, sunny intervals, perfect for chasing rainbows.

Whilst, in some myths, a rainbow depicts the sign of a military bow and a sign of a war, in the Old Testament of the Bible, and the Torah, the rainbow is a sign of a promise from God. It is a sign that God will never allow the Earth to be flooded as in the time of Noah.

I've seen 4 rainbows this summer...........thank you............. Amen.

Last week, Pac-a-mac, picnic and pushchair in tow, me and the boys ventured London Underground to visit Kensington Garden Diana Memorial Playground. Yes, it was wet, but no it wasn't a wasted day. In fact, the playground was empty so the boys had full run of the Pirates ship and sand pit. The sand pit was more muddy than sandy, but hey, its only mess! *I say tongue in cheek as the Nosh squelched his new shoes in the sand* Oy vey.

As the rain thickened, we proceeded to our "contingency plan", the Toy Museum.

Yesteryear toys are today's pleasures. I loved seeing my old toys there behind a glass cabinet in a museum. Crazy isn't it? Our toys (those of you born in the early 70's) are museum pieces, ha ha!!

I've been lucky enough to find 3 pots of gold. One was sometime in '99 (I say casually) when Hubby and I got married, my second was in '01 when (after 36 hours labouring) I pushed out the Bubela and third was in '06 when the Nosh was lifted out the sunroof! I'm not looking for any more pots - three times lucky - I consider myself a rich man -

Thursday, August 07, 2008