Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just a quick visit to say that whilst my Ubba (dad) is critical in hospital, I'll be giving this blog, knitting and crafting a break.

Ubba, I love you. Stay strong and I'll keep praying.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The summer holidays have now begun. Yeah!!!!!

I had two little helpers with these cupcakes. One with messy hands and a pink tongue, the other slept all the way through. However, both found them very tasty. For fear of the Nosh getting no sleep with the colouring additives, he only had a smidgen.

I've bought some gorgeous cupcake fabric. Its very 1950's very cute, and very ready to be made up to a couple of childrens aprons for Christmas projects. Am I way too early to be thinking of Christmas projects?

I'm planning handmade this year for all my gifts.

Last Sunday, I'm on the tube going to visit Ubba (dad) in hospital. And true Sweetpea style, the weird ones always find me. Operatic style lunge did a woman fall onto me. My heart beat ten to the dozen, suspicious little old me thought she was trying to steal my bag, or knife me, or take my jewellery. No, she was just plain old mad, throwing herself at people. Nutters, just leave me be.

So after my trip at the hospital, I gear myself up again for the tube. I see fluorescent yellow jackets swarming the tube station. Police everywhere. An accident with a Range Rover and a police car. Oy vey, whats happened. They've blocked off the roads, I hope they haven't closed the station. Gosh it was like something out of a film. I ask the policeman whats going on. They were shooting The Bill! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She came back!

She came back to visit. This little butterfly came and sat on the Nosh again today.

What does this mean?

Monday, July 09, 2007

The fate of the mistaken biscuits

Last week, I was supposed to crack open these champagne bottles at a hen night in the West End. However, due to the terrorists (again!) they closed a few of the roads off in London, plus some of the tube stations. And, for reasons of safety I thought it best not to travel into London at that time, so I cancelled. I sent Lizzie this card which I cross stitched. It only took about an hour to make, a great last minute card creator and very cute too.

Yesterday my crafting fingers tried salt dough ornaments... they ended up in the bin just after Hubby picked one up and said "biscuits?". Oy vey. With the amount of salt I used it would have seriously killed him. Oy vey. I wouldn't mind, they didn't even look like biscuits.

Sorry, I didn't take a photo.

However, the aim was to make little bits and bobs and sell them at the school Chanukah fete. As one usually does, I ran before I could walk... the story of my life. I was trying to make some really cute candle sticks in the shape of people. There was alot of rolling, alot of cutting and shaping and... The conclusion, too fiddly for manicured hands.

I did make some letters using cutters and placed a hole in the top corner using a straw in which I was planning to put a keyring chain. Cute idea. Those were the mistaken biscuits.

In other news:

Weight watchers - I never managed to get there.

I popped into Metro Tesco to buy a few things just before getting weighed and whilst I was waiting in the aisle for the fella who was going "out the back" to check whether he had any plain flour, the other fella stacking the shelves dropped two jars of something orange (maybe a korma) on the floor. Sh**. All over my trousers. I was wearing flip flops... it wasn't pretty! I didn't even get angry, I just said "accidents happen". Anyway, I thought it wrong to put my korma feet onto the scales - so I came home and had coffee and cake!

The Nosh had a visitor today. Can you see her, she's landed on his hat.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rain, rain go away...

Its July. (Does one cheer; does one cry)

For many this means bikinis and beaches, sunhats and suncream. For me, I'm just the same, only this year it'll be a tan from a bottle. The Bubela, he has a wardrobe itching to showcase, and The Nosh is ready to bare his soles in the pram.

"Summer, where are you?"

June came and I packed my winter wardrobe away (naturally, didn't you?) and rekindled a love with some old flames. Some, seriously old - being as last summer I was pregnant. Only now, on the school run every morning its a tad fresh - to say the least. Some mums even sport a coat. Me, I brave the breeze rigid.

So now is just the right time to sew the binding, collar and buttons onto my Phildar Swing Jacket. Now is just the right time, so whats holding me back? I'm a bit nervous that I don't have the right technique. I'll have to speak to my gals over at the KAL.

Check out the new only family photo in the sidebar.