Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wishing you a happy Passover

Its been a busy week here preparing for Pessach (Passover) - and thats without the cooking. Tomorrow I'll start the baking, possibly with the Bubela if the Playstation isn't more favoured at the time. If you have a 5+ you'll know what I mean.

I bought this new seder plate, do you like it? Was it a bargain, ach. If I use it once a year for the next 30, I'll get my monies worth.

As for the knitting, or should I say crocheting... yes I cracked it. I've finally worked out how to use that hook. I'm knitting achem, crocheting the Rowan picnic blanket from Rowan 41. So proud.

I'm going to set up in my sidebar a "Photo/s of the week". Be it as exciting as the trip to the zoo, or as mundane as the school run. I'll start with the first day of the half term holiday. The Nosh is doing as he usually does, smiling and the Bubela sharing his excitement of the holidays.

News in brief
The Apprentice is back!
WW loss: 21 1/2 lbs (but still not in my jeans!)
The Nosh is eating wonderfully.
I've cancelled my gym membership *gasp*

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A perfect finish

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Eyelet Vest from Special Knits.

Materials: Jaeger Aqua

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Burning needles

My needles have been racing this week with new projects.
For my Ubba (dad), who turned 62 on Friday and is sick in hospital, I'm knitting a scarf to keep him warm. I'm stash busting by using the Cascade 220 which I overbought (as per normal) for the mini flower basket (Vogue Fall 05). Colour - mustard. I haven't got a pattern but I'm thinking a textured knit, either a cable or a half woven stitch.

Next up I'm knitting a Debbie Bliss top from Special Knits for baby Fay who's 9mths now. I'm using Jaegar Aqua in India Cerise.

BTW, I did knit a beautiful dress for her which I was very naughty about and didn't blog my progress throughout. I'm just waiting for a photo of the gorgeous girl to show you all what she looks like in it. *Prompt Loulou*

And one for me. I've cast on Phildar Quietude for this gorgeous swing jacket from Phildar Autumn 06/07. Its the first time I've used any Phildar yarn or even seen a pattern book - love it, its my new Vogue.

The stitch here you see is the half woven stitch which I plan on using for Ubba's scarf.

Now for Jade. She's gorgeous, but I sense she is going to be a slow fairisle project.

Unfortunatley, those Norweigan socks have now taken a back burner... thats what happens with me a socks.

As for The Nosh and weening. *kvetch, kvetch, kvetch* Spoon in, spit out. Spoon in, spit out. Oy. Not only has he learnt to spit out over this weening process, he now has learnt how to watertight his mouth *sigh*.

Today possible breakthrough, I offered him banana... love it, loved it, loved it. YES. Until Hubby got his hands on him. Hubby fed him at 3pm and apparently got nisht. *Sigh* New day tomorrow, new start.