Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're acting Roman around here.

Teacher: Who can tell me where Hadrian's Wall is?
Pupil: I expect it's around Hadrian's garden Miss!

Oh, the Bubela didn't find this one funny. And replied with,

"Where did the cows go at the weekend? To the mooooovies".

I just love my little Bubela. Yep, he made me laugh. But, I thought we were doing Roman jokes.

"Roman's didn't tell jokes, mummy".

The Bubela had to dress up as a Roman yesterday for the school trip. More of a Celt, but he passed.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Behind those doors

There's something about the world behind the ladies dressing room at the gym. From the bare lady who forget her towel, to the lady cursing her hairdryer and the mum chasing her toddler around the dressing room.

But nothing was more devastating than the lady whom unlocked her locker to find her stuff was not in there. Pail faced and shaken she approached the reception desk and told them of her worry of her belongings being stolen. When she returned to the locker room with the receptionist, she found that she had locked the wrong locker... poor girl.

Or the lady whom was panicking as she scrolled the code on her pad lock. Her code was not unlocking. She too returned to the locker room with a receptionist and a bigger than average pair of pliers to have her padlock clipped off her locker. Shocked, blushed... this was too, the wrong locker.

Oh, what bears behind those dressing room doors.

Sadly, I gave up my position as a WWW. It was far too time consuming and it now gives me a day at the gym.

Pictured above are the WIPs which are due to be finished by the end of the day!!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

When I bought the bunch of bananas at the fruit stall today, a fruit stall that I rarely frequent, the lovely lady said to me "I didn't see my first banana until after the war"... I'm not one to smile and ignore, I'm more of a pull up a chair and elaborate please type. So, with that, I smiled as I recollected a story, then proceeded to hold up the queue as I shared it.

I'm going to say it... I love the over 70's bracket.

My very own Papa, 81 and not a day over 70.

Papa served in the Merchant Navy during WW2, and quite a little lobus during his time in there too. Those stories for another time. Anyway, every time his shipped docked home, his father would pick him up from the docks in his black taxi. Papa would be the one shlepping the huge branch of about 50 bananas over his shoulder. He'd get to the dock and dish out bananas to the folk, a real treat as they were unseen on this side of the waters before.

We all love a story!

In the Sweetpea household this week, I've been busy on custom orders.

I've made a beautiful halterneck in Valerie Wells Sole and the recipient was, oh so delighted. I've almost finished two little white linen dresses. I've got a few children's alterations and repairs and three more dresses that I haven't evens tarted yet! But, my most important custom order, as yet, is for my very own Bubela. He's got a school trip on Monday to a Roman museum and the kids have to dress as Romans. It's all cut and raring to go... of course I'll post photos of him in dress.

Watch out for Giveaway Wednesday next week, celebrating my Blogoversary, 4 years!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home and Dry

This was my sell out!

It was 3pm and at that exciting point of my last cupcake tee shirt left on the table and a young lady (crazy 'bout cupcakes - she told me) just had to have it, regardless of the size! Bagged and bowed, she got it.

Actually, this fair was quite poor for me compared to my last experience. Yes, I sold, but not as many as last month. My target audience was an average age of 60 and few had grandchildren.

The clocks man opposite me was a hit with the folk. He sold clocks and watches after he'd reconstructed, repaired and french polished them. They were beautiful. He'd even shlepped in a grandfather clock... oh it was magnificent and a steal at £90. And, he does deserve the mention because he was such a mench of a man coming to see if little ol' newbie me was alright all the time and buying me coffee and cake. Such a sweetie.

The jam lady next to me was also a hit. She was the perfect set up for Mothers Day [today]. She's was too busy to sit and chat though, she told me! But thats ok because me and Chris... go way back to last months craft fair and before that I was (still is) her customer at the local farmers market.

On my other side, was the Hat's lady, boy, she couldn't stop talking. Oy vey. It was her life story. Its started five years ago when she arrived here in England from the Philippines, one marriage, a divorce and a new boyfriend later she's tested and tasted the waters of different business lines to find a success in hats and millinery. She was the friendliest little sweetie and she's already emailed me today!

Night off tonight... Estee x

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is spring peeping through?

My daffodils are up!! And, bluebells, gosh, bluebells thats early! Oh, how I love a deep violet English bluebell. Did you know they are now a protected speice? The removal of a bluebell from your garden is an offence.

There's something about a bluebell that reminds me of growing up in our first house. At the back of our garden, in a little patch by the green house on the left where a huge pile of sand lay, a little patch of bluebells grew each year. I specifically remember them because I thought they were the prettiest flowers I'd ever seen. Our garden wasn't a florid one, more of a grass and swings area for us to play.

So, when I noticed those bluebells this year, thinking, that I've never noticed them before, I sat by and took a moment back.

My bolts arrived this week.

Dont forget Saturday's Craft fair
ChristChurch: Wanstead Place, off High Street, Wantstead. E11


Sunday, March 15, 2009


I will be next exhibiting at this Antique & Craft fair on the 21st March.

ChristChurch: Wanstead Place, off High Street, Wantstead. E11


Today I had this cutest little lovely come and model some of my spring/summer collection. Isn't she a lovely?

She did a fantastic job. Thank you!!

You can view some of the collection here

Monday, March 09, 2009

6 bolts and a birthday.

Sorry, for the absence! I gave myself a well deserved week off, since I was working all evenings leading up to the craft fair. Fully refreshed and manicured, I'm back and ready *am I?* to star my next fair. I'm exhibiting at the Wanstead Craft fair on 21st March (details to follow) so, I'm full steam ahead and pushing fabric.

I haven't replaced the sold dresses yet with new designs, nor have I finished making up the orders. Once I'm back on track, orders aside, I'll have more time for fresh and new designs. In the meantime, I've been topping up my applique tees ready for Wanstead.

Remember, you can always buy them online at www.sweetpea4kids.etsy.com.

I've also ordered my biggest, boldest and brightest order of fabric yet. I've gone full steam ahead and ordered 6 bolts of Valorie Wells Sole fabric... and I'm not leaving the house until I see my postman *yippeee*. Oh my goodness, 6 bolts, that's about 50 meters.