Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just photos

News in brief:
I've lost 20lb of my baby weight... so far.
I'm awaiting a package from Phildar containing yarn for my next project.
Even though I'm still batteling away with my two WIPs.
I'm contemplating weening the Nosh today.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A dozen reasons why I love you

From our first date I knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. I fell in love with you then but love you so much more today.

1. I love the way you kiss me good morning the second your eyes open.
2. I love you holding my hand.
3. I love the way we snuggle on the two seater sofa (even when you say... ok enough now I'm uncomfortable, go on...)
4. I love you because you clear up after me (and unscrunch my socks ready for the wash).
5. I love you because you just make me laugh.
6. I love your intelligence and knowledge of history
7. I love the way you are always patient with me (and my fiery temper)
8. I love the way you hold my feet (when we're snuggled on the two-seater sofa together)
9. I love the way we always have to go up to bed together
10. I love you because you are so assertive and make decisions without faffing
11. I love you for just being you.
12. AND I love you best for giving me our two precious miracles.

And look... the Bubela got a Valentines card too!! Who's he writing one to? She must be special, I can't even get him to write an I miss you card to his Grandparents who are holidaying in Cyprus.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

No School today


I don't know who is more excited, the Bubela or I. ...and here's how we spent it.

The Bubela making a snowman

whilst the Nosh slept through it.

It's not all snow, snow, snow though. Rowan 41 turned up too. There are some lovely spring tops and cardigans in there, but nothing I'm overly excited about. I was holding out casting on for Jade (Rowan 25) until it Rowan 41 turned up, just in case there was something better. I cast on for Jade in Cotton Glace last night.

As for Project Spectrum, here is my February/March knit. Wooly hat in Blue and White (sorry, no grey)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Norweigan socks (or rather sock) are/is coming along nicely/slowly.

Welcome to the 1st of February and the start of Project Spectrum . I'm still desperately seeking a project. I've some blue and white Knit Picks yarn in my stash which I could try either (i) a hat; or (ii) some mittens; or (iii) a mini surprise for both you and ME.

The trouble is, I did give myself a secret knitting resolution (the same I give myself every year) - not to start a new project without finishing the last... but I should maybe exclude knitalongs(?)