Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ubba sadly passed Friday morning...

following a bone marrow transplant (used from his own stem cells) which unfortunatley failed, and due to complications Ubba spent his last month in intensive care. Aged just 62, taken from us too soon.

Ubba, my dad. A gentle soul. A caring, kind-hearted and generous family man.

Ubba, married to mummy for 35 years. They met in Israel and enjoyed several years there before settling down here in England. Mummy meant the world to him and from the day he met her, he put her on a giant pedestal. He was always putting her before himself and made sure she was safe and well before looking after himself.

Ubba was always there, a phonecall away. He was the person I would call if something went wrong, or if I needed help quickly, or if I didn't know what to do in a situation. He was my personal 999 call.

As a child, he would bath and tuck me and my sister into bed. As a teenager, he was my personal taxi driver. My tweenties, he took me under the choopah. My thirties, just not long enough. A Sandek to both my boys.

His pride and joy were his grandchildren, two from my sister and two of whom are the Bubela and the Nosh. I hope the Bubela can share his personal memories of Sabba (grandfather) with the Nosh one day. The Bubela was fortunate enough to share many family holidays, family occassions and sleep overs at Saba and Nanas. His Saba was an extremely talented carpenter whom he would help and shadow with his play tool box and help Saba "fix" things. The Nosh he taught to wave and he taught to dance. He loved them both.

Ubba. There is not a bad word to say about you. You always found the good in everybody, no matter how bad they were you would pick out their good.

I will miss your presence. Your strong opinions... and you ARE always right. I'll always remember your colourful stories and I'll share them with Nathan and Adam.

You are at peace now, but you will be truly missed.

I love you.