Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My 2006 - in photos

This has been a very special year for me and my family. Im very happy to share with you my photos of the year.

This time last year, Hubby and I were preparing ourselves for our third attempt at IVF. Fortunately, we were lucky and now have a beautiful baby boy, The Nosh. (Pictured, me in recovery after delivery)

The Bubela, Hubby and I went on holiday to Cyprus whilst me being 6 months pregnant. The Bubela had a great time on the beach every day (pictured). I, on the other hand was like an oversized, hormonal beach whale with an odd addiction to air conditioning units at all times.

The Bubela also started school in September 2006 (Pictured). An emotional day for me, the only mum in the playground crying - blamed it on the pregnancy hormones!

October, our joyous month. Just 2 days before The Nosh was born, The Bubela had his own celebration, He turned 5. Guess who loves Scooby Doo?

Pictured just a few days ago on Boxing Day is my whole family. We are a very special family, I love you all.

As for knitting, not much this year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BIL's Christmas Scarf

Don't you just love shopping for Christmas? Why is it that I've finished all my shopping now, but I still insist on putting in "last orders" online. Or, with five days to go insist on tracking down the sell out toy of the year. Or, guarantee I'll be out there braving the crowds and hitting the shops Christmas Eve... as I do every year. Its just the buzz of Christmas shopping because let me tell you, I start shopping in October every year.

I'll also start a Clapotis just to challenge myself and see if its ready in time. Oy, who am I kidding... what with the Chanukah activities at the school tomorrow, then Thursday having the carpets cleaned, Friday - food shopping... Some chance. At least my first Christmas project is completed (well, almost... just need to sew in ends and block). This is the scarf for BIL, made up in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick n Quick. Good news - we now have a British stockist Banyan Tree Yarns. Hip Hip - Hurray!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Chanukah Sweetpea-ers

The first night of Chanukah, Happy Chanukah.

I've a problem with the BIL's scarf. I've decided to knit a striped scarf, but I've now run out of yarn. I'm going to check the internet shops and see if anyone stocks Lion Brand in the UK. Oy, this is all I need a week before Christmas.

Weight watchers - I joined a couple of weeks ago. Lost 4lb in my first week and I've about 10lb left to lose until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Still need some toning up though, and here is a treat for all your weight watchers.

p.s that's not my Dairy Milk in the background, Honest.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A house becomes a knitters home

Our new house is slowly becoming a knitters home again, with WIP's left in every room! Must say, Hubby isn't too impressed.

N.B These photos have not been set up, they are the real homes of these WIP's.

Unfortunately, no progress has been made with the Nosh's jumper this week, I've been pre-occupied with the grey scarf (pictured) for BIL. Although, I'm now thinking I don't have enough yarn for a thick cable scarf.

I've two balls of Lion Brand thick and quick, one black and one grey... any suggestions for man's scarf?

The Nosh is eating like there is no tomorrow!! If he could talk, he'd ask for steak 'n chips, I'm sure. 6oz every 2-3 hours!! Can't really moan though, 'cos its getting him through the night and I'm catching my zzzd's.

The Bubela's "grown up" tooth is surfacing, and the next one is wobbling. I've told him to eat on the other side so as not to disturb the wobble. Wouldn't you for £10 a tooth!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The tooth fairy visits the Bubela

Look who's lost a tooth. And guess who lost £10.

Muzel tov Bubela on losing your first tooth.

The Alphabet jumper for the Nosh is coming along lovely. I did wonder whether the Nosh would outgrow it before I completed it. I'm knitting up a 3mth size, so I'd better get those needles dancing as he is 7 weeks today.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bibs, Bottles, Baby and a ball of wool

Its so great to be back, and thank you all for your comments. You've given me the inspiration to pick up my needles and knit for my own baby (who, by the way is such a Nosh I just want to eat him!). I've added another photo of the Nosh, just 'cos I wanna.

This morning I went upstairs to our "new" loft room (we moved house the week before we had the Nosh, clever??!!) and took out a cone of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in pale blue, (and we're renovating too, clever??!!) I dusted off her Special Knits book and flicked through. I was looking for a simple knit. My head is mush at the moment so I can't start substituting yarns (picking colours of paint, tiles and fabric is challenging enough). The Alphabet Sweater, very cute, very appropriate, and using cashmerino aran. (tell me, who moves the week before you give birth, honestly).

I'm definitely going to start this sweater today.
First thing, nappy change. Give the Nosh a top and tail then feed him.
Put him in a snowsuit to take the Bubela to school.
P-ing down with rain, not a good start.
Actually the BIL did a good deed today and walked the Bubela into school for me.
Get back home, dry hair.
Steralise a few bottles, make up the next couple of feeds and add colic drops. Oy, the colic hour (don't get me started on the colic hour)
Ok, cast on for the Alphabet blanket, needles feel a bit foreign in my hands, but I'll get used to it.
The Nosh is crying, nappy change and settle him.
Right, back to the needles. Knit a few rows in garter stitch - great, nice and easy. (Meanwhilst, I haven't even read through the pattern, so its all going to be a surprise to me).
Feed the Nosh.
Wind the Nosh.

Back to the needles... whats that - TR2??? A nice simple knit I wanted and I'm learning a new stitch, oy vey. Its the twist stitch. Knit into the second stitch then the first, then knock them off the left needle. Looks very nice *take a look at the picture*, its like a cable.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Welcome to the world my precious

I know its been a long while, I hope you remember me!!

Here's the gorgeous reason why I've not been around for months. Welcome my beautiful boy, here he is just 2 days old.

My precious little baby boy was born the day before my birthday, 17th October. My precious miracle! Thank you God.

Just a short re-cap for those of you who didn't follow my story... He was the result of my third ivf attempt, my real life true miracle... and what a gorgeous one he turned out to be.

The Bubela just adores him. No signs of the jealousy, mostly the over-protectivness.

As for knitting... there hasn't been any. Throughout my whole pregnancy I just lost the bug, and gained another - eating! I now wanna lose the eating bug and get my needles working again, help!! Oh, and join a weight watchers class!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Odette in use

Here's the Odette blanket I made for Fay. It doesn't look so special when all your attracted to is the gorgeous baby.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hubby takes the Bubela, Bump and I to Cyprus

We spent most of the week at the beach, the Bubela just loved it. Jumping the waves, building sand-castles and eating ice-cream. Whilst the Bump and I (and the new member of our family, The Sun Hat) sat under a sun-umbrella reading and moaning about the heat. It was shvitzing!

I am knitting, not as often though... my fingers are like sausages and seem to fight with the needles. I did finish the pink Odette blanket for "Baby B" who was born two weeks ago - Fay Rena - and she's like a doll. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos, oops, if my sun hat didn't sit on my head I'd forget to screw my head in place! Pregnancy brain.

Im almost finished making up a cardigan for Fay made in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, I'll make sure I upload a photo of it finished.

I've got 3 and a half months left of pregnancy and I have to say, I thank god every day for blessing me with this child. The Bubela felt the baby kick yesterday, which added to his excitement of being a big brother. Hubby can't wait for the baby to come either, for different reasons though... since being pregnant I've been snoring like an animal, so bad that sometimes I even wake myself!!
Hubby - if I wake you, just turn over and stick the Sun Hat over your face. OH, Hubby has told me that I'm lucky my head hasn't gone through the blooming Sun Hat.
Help, we can't agree on any names either.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hi everyone, here I am bump and all. Im now four and a half months and huge. Baby is kicking now and letting me know its around and well. As for the ugly bug it gave me, well it didn't go away after the three first months (like everyone told me!!), guess I'm gonna need alot of attention once baby arrives!

Many of you have been sending me wonderful wishes, thank you. Sorry I haven't been around much, I guess I've got really lazy since the bump... but I'm secretly enjoying it. How naughty is that!

As for the knitting... Im doing the finishing touches to the pink Odette blanket for Baby B which is due in a couple of weeks, lets just hope its a girl as I've nothing prepared in blue!

My dear friends... until the next time, au revoir!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oy, have I been busy.

I didn't even have a chance to wish my Jewish frends and happy Passover. I hope you all had a nice sedar. The bubela did an excellent rendition of the Ma Nish Ta Na. Oy, I was so proud.

As for the baking this year, I made great almond macaroons and a great plava (light sponge cake made without flour and suitable for passover). I know the family are pleased I have taken over from Mama whom every year used to make our plava cake, and oy vey what a cake. We used to call it the "stick in the throat cake". You'd have to have it with a large glass of kosher wine (I'm not complaining) but it would take the rest of the service to digest.

She has since been sacked retired from baking the cakes, probably due to the greif she gets every year... giving me the job (the next balebuste of the family).

As for the knitting, I've finally sewn and made up the peach cardigan for Cydney. Its all wrapped up and ready to go.

I'm now 12 weeks pregnant. I had a scan last night and the Little Chooch is well and bright. Now, I am just so excited about this pregnancy and can't wait to meet it. *Cant stop smiling* Once I get photos of my bump and scan uploaded, I'll share them all with you... promise.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm afraid there isn't much knitting content today. I'm still having that "can't be bothered to pick up the needles" thing.

"Baby M" was born last week, her name is Cydney Leah, so now I'm under pressure to get the peach cardigan sewn up. I sat at the table last night sewing on a sleeve but I had such difficulty leaning over my large belly (and I'm only 10 weeks!) that I only managed to do the one. I'll do another tonight... I can see this being a slow one piece a day process.

As for my stash, its been tidied up and out of sight. Yep, in a cupboard on the top shelf. Its a real tease, like chocolate on out of reach.

I'm now 10 weeks pregnant and have been signed off from the fertility clinic now and just have to register with my local doctor. I've seen our baby so many times now in the scan so have now started to believe that I'm truly pregnant. I still have the ugly bug - the acne, swollen face and chin hair, but I've been assured that once I come off the steriods this will all go. *You'd better be right Dr Ah-Moy, not that I'd be mad with you, you put a made a baby for me*.

The Bubela asked me how the baby was going to come out. So I told him they are going to cut it out of my belly. "But how are they going to fix the hole?" "The Dr will sew it up". "Oh". He said. "Does he know how to knit aswell?" Love him!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The start of Odette

There's not been much knitting I'm afraid, however, I did started the Odette Blanket from Rowan Little Treasures at the weekend. Honestly, Rowan couldn't have chosen a smaller font for the pattern. Talk about strain on the eyes.

I'm using Rowan Baby Soft. Its a mix of 50% wool, polymide and cotton. Its a bulky weight yarn and feels very soft in the ball. I thought I'd hate working with it though, but its actually a nice soft warm texture and I can really see a baby snuggling into this blanket being kept nice and warm.

This one's for "Baby B" so I guess money's on a girl then!!

Hopefully, I'll have a bit more progress to show you later on in the week, but I've got my head in a novel and I can't remove it. You know what its like when you pick up a page turner (its a Penny Vincenzi).

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Whiskers, Moustache and Spots... oh my

"Please try the tank top on for me, I just need to check the neckband isn't too tight" Oh the effort as the Bubela tried it on. God forbid I interupt his normal morning routine. Check out the organisation on the Bubela's bed. He's a real daddy's boy, everything in spick and span order.

I thought initially that I had made the V neck rib too small, well, in actual fact I did as I when I was setting out the design I forgot to account for an inch of ribbing. Oy, why don't I just follow a pattern for an easy life. I do have two choices. 1. Keep it as it is; or 2. Frog the whole front and recalculate the V neck to accommodate the inch rib.

I'll try it on again and see what's best. A slight tug over the head isn't so bad, is it?

7 + 2 weeks. Whilst the Bubela was in the bath last night, I thought I'd take the opportunity to get the magnified mirror out and check out these spot I have under my chin. What with the lighting like a football pitch and the mirror magnified x5 I'd really see what's going on.

To my absolute horror and disbelief I spotted about 10 long black whiskers *gasp*. TWEEZERS!!! Why can't I have normal pregnancy symptoms? Give me sore boobs, or heartburn, or even sickness. Why d'ya have to throw the ugly bug at me?

*rubbing my tummy* I love being pregnant. Thank you god.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Look who's climbing the walls

I've been working on the Bubela's tank top over the weekend. It was a great opportunity to do so. All I did was sit on the sofa and relax (Dr's instrutions, so who am I to argue!!). Well, the back is almost finished. I showed the Bubela and asked him if he liked it and he told me he already had one like that (remember I recycled the yarn), "I want one in blue". Oy, no pleasing the boy.

Today is the Jewish festival of Purim and all the kids are dressing up to celebrate at school. The Bubela wanted to go as a robot, but he told me that at 6pm last night, so absolutely no time to prepare. So, we've delved into his deep dressing up box and found this.

I had another scan yesterday (no, not obsessed with seeing the little heartbeat... well, ok I am a bit). Arrrh, I saw it flickering away again. Still no pregnancy symptoms, unless you call the bad acne and moustache pregnancy symptoms. Hang on, I'm not sure, but maybe I feel a little sick (in my head??).

Thursday, March 09, 2006

All washed and blocking

Its finished. Its taken me about 3 months and I can't believe I've finally finished it. I think this has got to be my best knit EVER. It was exciting and kept me on my toes following a chart. There were a few errors in the pattern, but those were listed on the Debbie Bliss website.

Once this is dried, I'll fold it and box it ready for Gemma's baby shower in April. Better to be ahead of schedule than tying in loose ends at the last minute.

Pattern: Debbie Bliss The Baby Knits Book
Materials: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Measured size: 90cm x 90cm

I've just ordered some yarn for the Rowan Odette blanket for the next baby on the way - "Baby B" due in June. I've ordered pink and cream, however, I have to stress that I do NOT know the sex of the baby its simply my gut feeling. I'll be really embarrassed if I'm proven wrong, so I've also ordered some blue just in case!

The following text is a bit schmultzy, so I apologize in advance.

Yesterday Hubby and I went along to the Fertility Clinic for our first scan. As the Dr inserted the probe, there on the monitor Hubby and I saw our baby. Our baby. A tear ran down my face. Our baby, just the size of a dot with a little flickering heartbeat.

After 4 years of tests, operations, drugs, ivf, heartache, pain and worry, seeing that little heartbeat and Hubby's proud face was the moment the worry lines on my face of all those years of trying for something I so desperately yearned for erased away in a flash.

I feel truly blessed. Thank you all for your prayers and words of strength. I've now just got to keep healthy, relaxed and look forward to enjoying this pregnancy. It goes without saying that I've got 8 month's of worry now. Not to mention the acne and the moustache(!!) I've acquired (I'm presuming its the steroids I'm on?)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was going to post yesterday and show you just how busy I've been, but the Bubela was off from school with a cold so I was running around after him all day.

So, my plan for today was to wash and block the Alphabet blanket, but I'm going to the hairdressers this morning then meeting friends for lunch, so I really haven't the time. Oh the life of a lunching mother!! I'll do it tomorrow... those famous words.

Here's the Debbie Bliss Argyl cardigan all finished (bar the buttons). I've just got to sew the buttons on and voila. This is for "Baby M" if its a boy. I'm also knitting up another quick Debbie Bliss girly cardigan in peach (I've made one before and it was such a quick cute knit) just in case its a girl. I've got 3 weeks, plenty time.

And fabulous news just in that has really made my day. My friend Michelle (you know the one that taught me to knit) she delivered twin girls this morning. MUZEL TOV.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Project Spectrum... here we go!!

I'm back. As you know I haven't had the strength to pick up a pair of needles for about two weeks. Either that, or the Jaywalker socks I was knitting for the Knit Olympics put me right off knitting. I've tried socks now, I think its one of those Marmite things "you either love it or hate it". I HATE Marmite, its a very British spread for toast that tastes like... I can't describe it, if you want me send you a sampler let me know. Be warned though. Urgh, the thought of it.

So, I welcome Project Spectrum with open arms (I really do). Pink and Red here we go. I'm using this Project Spectrum to knit up one of Debbie Abrahams blankets from her "More Blankets and Throws" book. Its a quick knit, this square only took me a couple of hours and it was really enjoyable too.

The Alphabet Blanket... ITS FINISHED. Well sort of. I just need to sew in the ends and block. Its absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you all for your very kind wishes, brought tears to my eyes, they truly mean so much to me. Thank you, I'm blessed with such caring friends.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Neglected WIPs

Here is my pile of WIPs. At the moment I'd prefer to grab a pickled cucumber than a knitting needle. Seriously, I've really neglected my knitting in the last couple of weeks as I've been feeling really poorly and tired from all the drugs and stuff.

Anyway, my results came in and I'm so very excited that it was a positive. However, I'm very scared too because the next couple of weeks for me are still quite critical, so I'm going to take it really easy. In fact, Im going to try and wrap my fingers around my circulars and finish that Alphabet blanket, oh and that Argyl cardigan... oy, the WIP list is endless.

I haven't caught up with anyone's blogs in the last couple of weeks, so I'll be coming to visit you all now and see how your all doing. Especially you Bobblicious girls!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thank you!!

Thank you all for your heartfelt comments and support throughout this week. They mean so much to me to know that I have a lot of warmth and support out there.

As for the Jaywalkers I'm knitting up for the Knit Olympics, I'm halfway there on sock No.1. Although, I do have to say that I'm pretty bored with knitting the same thing over. Now I know why I have so many projects on the go.

I foresee this Jaywalker joining a league of many the lonesome sock.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Have they lit the flame?

I've started. I'm not even sure if the Olympic Opening Ceremony has started yet, but I'm laying here on the sofa, nothing on tv, bored so casted on. I hope I haven't cheated if I'm a few hours too early!

I had two embryos transferred yesterday. They were apparently excellent quality (grade 1's). Now its just a waiting game. I'll be testing 20 Feb so keep watching.

Please god let this be my time.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Soap suds or a spritz of water?

Sorry about the dodgy photo. This Argyl cardigan has been waiting to be blocked for a while now. I thought I'd do it now before I get caught up in the Knit Olympics and it'll get forgotten about.

How do you block? I know some simply pin out the garment and spritz water or steam over it. I've been known to even just take a hot iron over a garment. *Gasp* However, I do find that by properly washing in soap suds it makes the garment feel softer and more manageable. But we all love a short cut.

This Argyl was soaked in warm soap suds and I'm hoping it will dry over night so I can sew it together ahead of Friday's opening ceremony, where I'll be casting on for the Jaywalkers. Go Great Britain Team, Go. Oh and... Go, DPN Team Go.

IVF rollercoaster - I'm getting giddy, but want to stay on longer. 18 eggs collected. 9 fertilised. As of today (day 2) I have 7 grade 1's. So, on the embryo side that's not bad.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Up close and personal with Bobblicious

Let me introduce you to your Team Captain for Team Bobblicious USA. Here is Betty from A Blog Reborne. Feel free to head over to her blog.

I've had a few queries on how the perfect bobble should look. Here is a photo of Bobblicious up close. This is what your bobble should resemble. The picture on top you will see the bobbles for the right side. No holes are in view. On on the bottom you will see a flat wrong side. Again, no holes are in view.

I'm just going to run through the basic bobble stitch.

Basically, knit into the front of the stitch (as you would normally), but don’t push it off the right needle. With the stitch still on the right needle, knit into the back of the stitch (i.e. not the front of the stitch as you would normally, the same stitch on the left needle, but the loop at the back of it). Do not push these two stitches off the right needle. Again, knit into the front and then the back and front of the same stitch. You will then have made four increases in the one stitch (i.e. 5 loops should appear on your right needle from the one stitch you worked on).

Phew, confusing? You haven’t finished yet.

Turn your work around and purl these five stitches. Turn again, K2tog, K1, K2tog. Turn again and P3tog. Turn work, then slip this one stitch onto the right needle. Voila, there is your bobble.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here is the front of the tank top I knit up for the Bubela. He says he likes it, but we'll see if he actually wears it when its finished! I've taken the cable and rib pattern from the original design by Debbie Bliss and just used my calculations to make it into a vest top.

I did have to frog once or twice, the first being because the V was too deep and the second the shoulders were too thin (although looking at this picture they look remarkably thin, but rest assured its just due to curling). I think it looks ok now. Im planning to pick up all edges around armholes and v-neck and do a 2x2 rib.

Are you ready for the Knit Olympics?? I'm plutzing here waiting for it to arrive already.
And guess what? There's a USA Bobblicious Team going on. If you want the link to the pattern, its in my sidebar. Good luck, I'm supporting you!!

I'll be supporting United Kingdom and I've also joined myself to the Team Dpn. I figure the more I join, the more support I get and I won't end up an "Eddie the Eagle".

Thank you all for your well wishes, they truly mean so much to me.

How do I feel today? Well, I'm in tomorrow to lay my eggs. Thank god, because its not so great feeling bloated and incontinent. The larger my follicles were growing, I'm sure something was leaning on my bladder. Oy, the prospect of being old.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gone with the jumper, yay more yarn!!

Here's the Bubela last year in a Debbie Bliss jumper I knit up for him. It was before my blogging days so I didn't document it.

In summary, its knit up in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK which is a bulky cotton. I thought this cotton to be very heavy especially for a kids jumper, and the Bubela didn't really like wearing it. I think he always felt uncomfortable in it, the hood was always dragging his jumper back, his sleeves were always troubling him. Oy. I think he looked gorgeous in it, but I think he'd looks gorgeous in sac!!

Anyhoo, the crux of it is that the Bubela just will not wear it. If it isn't tarnished with Spiderman or footballs he is not interested. Its a nice jumper, but if the kid wont wear it, believe me he wont wear it.

So, enough with the kvetching the jumper became my frogging session. Here I am on my "knitting chair", jumper and dpn in hand and unpicking seams.
And here is what became of that Magila ... 8 balls of Debbie Bliss DC Cotton in Brown.

Plans, plans, plans. I'm knitting up a tank top for him now. I'll keep you posted.

As for my life during IVF#3. The drugs are playing havoc with my emotions. There are too many hormones running through my body that I just can't keep up myself, high and low, happy and sad, positive and negative, argh.

My thighs are bruised blue and speckled pinpricked pink, my stomach is bloated from steroids and I can't fit into my clothes.

Monday's scan showed 12 follicles growing nicely. Each follicle does not necessarily contain an egg, but 12 is a nice number to have. I do have couple of hurdles yet (nothing seems easy with me), but I'm still praying.

Eggs are coming out on Monday.

Vogue Winter arrived today. Where's my Rowan 39?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've finally found you

Bloglines that is. Yes, enough with trawling through my favourites I now have Bloglines to do it for me. I know its a bit late in blogging life to find a very crucial tool, but that's me all over.

You are now able to see the blogs I read in my sidebar. Please let me know if your not there so I can add you. Merci Beaucoup.

Knitting progress... I've just been poodleing along with my two wip's and gearing myself up for the Knitting Olympics which starts February 10. Dpn's are polished, yarn is balled and my fingers and hands are in tip top shape.

So, here's a little quiz for you. What kind of knitter am I?
Knitting Adventurer
You appear to be a Knitting Adventurer.
You are through those knitting growing pains and feeling more adventurous. You can follow a standard pattern if it's not too complicated and know where to go to get help. Maybe you've started to experiment with different fibers and you might be eyeing a book with a cool technique you've never tried. Perhaps you prefer to stick to other people's patterns but you are trying to challenge yourself more. Regardless of your preference, you are continually trying to grow as a knitter, and as well you should since your non-knitting friends are probably dropping some serious hints, these days.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Its Only a Game

We didn't win. Well, I didn't really expect to, but I had everything mapped out had I won the 100,000,000 GBP.

£100,000,000. Oy, what would you do with that?

First, I'd have had a good old spend with the plastic on the net.

Then, I'd have invited my whole family over for dinner, I love to cook. I wish I had the space to entertain more often. I'd have used the good china, with the silver cutlery. Ach, *waving hand in dismissal* I'd have bought new china for the occasion. I'd have placed an envelope at each setting with the recipients name upon it. Inside would have been a nice surprise. A cheque for... enough for your wishes to come true. Oy, sounds a bit shmultzy, but thats how i'd have done it.

Then, I'd have booked a cruise. A Caribbean one maybe, or Baltic possibly and taken my family and friends with me. We would have had the big round table in the middle of the dining room, the one where all the noise usually comes from. Hubby would have been ok with that table, especially with not the need to share it with strangers.

We'd also buy our dream house. Everyone has a dream house, right? Mine doesn't really call for much, I'd just like a big kitchen. Ok, and an indoor swimming pool, maybe with a gym in the basement or something. A big dinning room for entertaining... I'm sure Hubby would want to go and buy a car (or two), not me, I'm not into cars. I'd probably splash out on handbags and shoes (and yarn of course). The Bubela would probably like to go wild at Hamley's, his toy heaven.

But, hey, ve didn't vin.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Year of the Dog

I'd like to wish my Chinese friends a happy new year.

As I'm waiting in the wings for the Knitting Olympics to start I thought I'd knit another argyl cardigan from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits book. With so many expectant mothers around you can never have too little baby knits. Im knitting it up in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and its texture is so soft, and it looks alot nicer than my first one which was knit up in Rowan All Seasons Cotton.

No weight gain from the steroids yet, I'm still 2lb down. I've been taking baby aspirin and the first couple of days of taking it I had really bad indigestion. I put it down to a vegetable chili I had eaten. However, as I was making a cup of tea and hanging around in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, I was reading the aspirin label on which it said dispersible aspirin, mix with water. *Gasp* I'd been swallowing them. *Checking pulse is not flying through the sky* No wonder the indigestion. MENTAL NOTE - READ ALL MEDICATION INSTRUCTIONS

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Knitalong Galore

Firstly I have to say thank you for all your best wishes for the IVF. Its going ok, the mood swings have subsided and I'm just an emotional wreck now, cry at everything. Guess its working!

Now, I want to get the sock bug, I really do, and what better way to do it than with a pair of Jaywalkers. I'm a bit late for the Jaywalker knitalong, so I'll be entering them into Yarn Harlots Knitting Olympics which starts on Feb 10 through Feb 26. Is anyone representing England? What are you making? Do you have a button? And any Brits that haven't entered, hit the link and join me.

I also feel that I want to add another book to my collection and what better way do it than ask for your help and opinions. I'm looking at three sock books in particular, Vintage Knits; Folk Socks; and Sensational Socks. Which one would you say was the all time best if you only had to choose one?

Have you been over to Lolly's blog and checked out Project Spectrum? A great little 6 month KAL. Basically each month you are to craft something in the following colours, can be anything you like: not only knitting. This is great for a project I've been planning to do. I want to make one of Debbie Abrahams' patchwork blankets from her new book, More Blankets and Throws. Lots of colour, I'm looking forward to it. Its not starting until March though, got the Olympics to get through first.

March - Red and Pink
April - Orange and Yellow
May - Green
June - Blue
July - Violet / Purple
August - Neutrals / Black & White

My parents are back from their holiday in Israel. Its great to have them home.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Remember these? My toes are cosy and warm now. Actually, they were made for a special friend of mine, so they'll be wrapped and boxed this evening for delivery tomorrow.

As for Ted, he's now been given a facelift and ears. Hubby still thinks he looks like a hostage, but I kinda think he's cute.

Weight loss - yippee. 2lb.

I hope you don't mind me talking about my IVF, but its a big part of my life right now. I visited the clinic today and all looks well. So tonight I shall start injecting to stimulate my ovaries to make lots of eggs. I'll also be starting steroids today which I'm slightly worried about, gotta watch my weight.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Is that your car? Not mine, is it yours?

What do you do when you get home to find a strange car parked in your drive. It could be anyone. Someone stealing all your belongings, someone hanging the dog by its tail or worse, someone dressing up in all your fancy underwear. *Gasp* Call the police.

Call the police.

Da da daaa....

Turns out my sister DID have a strange car parked on her front drive - and it wasn't her husbands, he was in the car with her.

Wait for police to escort them inside.

Police get there.

As she opens the front porch she finds a letter on the doormat. Its from a car hire place... " You were not in when delivery took place..." They delivered a car to the right number, right street, but wrong town. Shmucks.

I was tickled pink when she told me.

Nothing like wasting police time to fight crime.

Thank god the dog's alright, oy, if only...

Meanwhilst, in the house of Pea I sit here fixing up Ted. I ruffle the edgings of my alphabet blanket, yet I have no photos to share. I'll share some tomorrow.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Throw me a lifeline..

Its like an asthmatic without her pump, a smoker without a cigarette. My broadband connection has been down for 5 hours!!! What's a girl to do without the internet.

So, whilst I've been sitting here feeling like I've no lifeline, I've managed to complete one edgy side of the alphabet blanket, and don't you think it looks great. I'm really pleased with the outcome.

Little Ted is undergoing cosmetic surgery, so bear with me whilst he gets fixed up. I'm knitting up some clothes for him at the moment, so hopefully he'll be able to reveal his face shortly... so keep a watch out.

Exercise - there's been none.
Diet - Gained a pound.
IVF - Feel like a pin cushion.
Cigarettes - Don't smoke, maybe I ought to.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gotcha, tagged!

I've been tagged by Cerella, my FIRST EVER meme - thank you. I always make a habit of reading other peoples meme's, I think they're great. You really get to know your blogging friends through them. So, I hope you get a sneak peek into the "real" me with this meme.

Four jobs you have had in your life:

1. Nat West Bank. Great first job, I was there for 4 years and what a social life I had back then.
2. Bank of Scotland as a cashier. Had to leave though, I hated the uniform. A blue kilt and a big bow thing round my neck.
3. Legal secretary at a huge top London law firm. After 6 years here, I wanted to leave to stay at home with the Bubela.
4. Best job ever is the one I do now. Looking after my family.

Four movies you could watch over and over

1. As a teen, most Saturday nights I slept over at Lou's house, and the Sunday morning ritual was... Sound of Music and a carrot and salad cream toasted sandwich.
2. Calamity Jane with Doris Day. I used to know all the words straight.
3. Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley.
4. High Society, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

Love a good musical, me. They don't make 'em like they used ta.

Four places you have lived

1. Netanya, Israel. Born there, but moved over here when I was 3 months.
2. Clayhall, Essex. My family home where I grew up.
3. Buckhurst Hill, Essex. Hubby and I's first property
4. Eilat, Israel. When I was 19 I lived on a kibbutz for a year.

Four tv shows you love to watch

1. Desperate Housewives. And its coming back to our screens tomorrow!!
2. Big Brother. I don't want to shout too loud, its hardly something to be proud of.
3. The X Factor. Give me a singing contest any day.
4. Eastenders. Good British soap.

Four places you have been on vacation

1. Caribbean. As a kid I traveled around all the Islands with my family.
2. The Far East. Again, with my family we visited Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bali.
3. Europe. Italy, Spain, France...
4. USA. I could never tire from visiting the States.

Yes, well traveled, but plenty more places to see. Hubby and I would love to take the Bubela to Australia one day.

Four websites you visit daily.

1. Fertility Friends. In search of the magic spell.
2. GetKnitted
3. Ebay
4. Too many blogging friends to list.

Four of your favourite foods

1. Biscuits, with a cup of tea.
2. Cheesecake, but won't tempt myself.
3. Chinese takeaway, but not too often (watching the waistline).
4. Pizza.

Four places you would rather be right now

1. Having a coffee with my mum. I miss her, she's on holiday.
2. Haberdashery department at John Lewis
3. Gym (believe it or not)
4. Florida by the pool.

Four Bloggers you are tagging.

1. Lauren
2. Ruth
3. GoodKarma
4. Isel

Looking forward to reading all about you.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Having a bad head day

Here's Ted. He's a cross between a "Mr Personality" and "Mr Muscles". You know the type, fab body, great personality, shame about the face. Well, this ted has got great feet, great arms and great body. But, and I hate to say it, a face that needs help.

Ouch!! I told you his face wasn't anything special. There were so many markers to match, and bits to sew to bits that I, hands up, messed up. Don't worry though, once I've tarted him up in a night gown and cap, given him some eyes and a nose he'll be bright as anything *I hope*.