Sunday, March 23, 2008

Smoking kills

The Bubela has being ill this long weekend, poor little chooch. We had so much planned but we've not left the house.


He's not left the house. I've been out to have a set of acrylics put on.

Oh, and to purchase the beautifully written list of ingredients he wrote out for me from the Cookies Galore book the boys bought me for Mothers Day.

He made blueberry shortcake cookies and I made fudge. Chocolate fudge which I boxed and bowed to gift. Far too delicious to keep and temp (I kept a few bites back to nosh on though).

Here is the start of my psychedelic summer girls dress. I'm not going to pretend it was easy - those pleats were a bit niggly. The pattern called for a twin needle sew, but seeing as my Singer doesn't possess that foot, I made do with the conventional iron and straight stitch. Is there such a thing??

I ironed the pleat then straight stitched 1mm away from the fold. I did have to unpick a couple of times because they were slightly uneven - and have you ever unpicked without an unpicker, oy vey.

I needed a cigarette for my nerves when I'd completed it - however, settled with a strong coffee and a bite of fudge.

Then there was the piping around the neck. That was a sweat breaker.

And here, a find too late. Tutorial for binding edges. Well, not too late. I've still got the rest to edge. Its like having a pack of cigarettes and a box of burnt out matches, then discovering the gas hob.

But you know what the biggest frustration of all was... my false nails couldn't pick up the pins that had dropped on the table. My flipping acrylics. And when your holding in place with one hand and trying to pick up and pin with the other. Oy vey. Like placing your fag up to the gas hob and discovering the gas had been disconnected.

So, my advice upon all of my lessons learnt today would be don't drop anything if you're wearing acrylic nails.

P.s. I don't smoke - It kills and its far too expensive.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He has arrived. Toby Jonathan. Muzel tov to all of the family.

The Debbie Bliss hoodie was completed last night, I just need to re-sew the hood to perfection. Its looks a little fcuckternickle(?!!)

Happy Easter everyone.

Its snowing!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What no fudge

With the long weekend due to be a wash-out, I might actually get some of this lot completed.

The Debbie Bliss hoodie is washed and blocked waiting to be made up. But where's the baby, t'was imminent weeks back one thought.

Plus, I've got this gorgeous little dress to sew up. Baby couture - psychedelic style. I've cut the pattern and its straight *grinning and feeling really pleased with myself* However, I'm slightly nail bitingly nervous, yet excited about stitching it together. I will be forced to experiment and explore new avenues with my old sewing machine. My old Singer sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother, the one that has only sewn a straight stitch, the one that my Ubba used every now and then to fix and hem his trousers, the one that saw more dust than fabric. And now a new life for this Singer is about to evolve... Buttonholes.

Oh, and the other project... I'm going to have ANOTHER attempt at fudge. The first lot was... lets just say you needed a spoon. Runny fudge aint no fun. Apparently, its an art of its own, making fudge. Any tips??

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Mummy, when you used to use your interactive white board at school..." "Mummy, what DS Lite games did you have when you were little?" "Did you used to have your own email when you were a kid?" "What winks did you have on msn?"...

The sentences that fall out of the Bubela's mouth sometimes really make me feel old. I'm not old I hasten to say, I'm ONLY 34. But nothing made me feel as old as this week, whilst out with friends for dinner my friend and I are reminiscing and giggling over the Southend disco that we used to go to.

"DISCO!!!!!" shrieks a voice of laughter from the other end of the table. "You sound like my mum... when I met your father at the local disco...".

That shriek came from a 20-something - born in the eighties. Her in nappies and me trying out my first perm!

So, when I explained to the Bubela that we used a little blackboard with chalk instead of the white interactive board, he knew what I meant because he saw one of those in the Victorian Museum this week! VICTORIAN??

My Debbie Bliss Hoodie is coming along lovely. Its a fast and easy knit great for mindless tv-watching after too many late nights out.

Have you seen the new Tendances magazine from Phildar. I must buy it, there are loads in there that I would like to knit up.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Size 5mm meet Cashmerino Aran

I'm about to pick up my needles again. [Hoot]

Its certainly been a while since I've purled. It was as if my fingers wouldn't allow my hands to touch those sticks. Of course it wouldn't have anything to do with my fingers wanting to fondle a needle and thread in a cross-stitch kind of way, nor the fact that I've been trying to sort out my crochet kitten (which is almost done by the way, just need to sew all the pieces together).

However, with a list of friends and family due to have babies (and a set of twins), I'd better re-introduce needles to yarn. Actually, I'm getting quite excited at the thought of the reunion.

As you can see, I've dusted my baby books off and had a browse over the net too. First one is Hubby's cousin due any moment, and luckily enough we know for sure its a boy. For sure!

I thought that little blue hoodie would be cute, what do you think? Here's a cute and practical sleeping bag I found too, and I just love it

In other news...

Still on target with the WW, just need to keep watching it.
The Nosh is 16 months, not walking yet, babbles for England.
The Bubla has his big teeth growing through, making him look so grown up (where have the years gone).
...we all still miss Ubba