Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing wrong with a plain old knit scarf

Whilst wondering through the gym the other day, *no don't choke I wasn't on the way to a class*, I was just passing through for a cup of coffee with friends. Actually, one wonders why I pay monthly fees just to visit there for luncheons... *Stop wondering, I will go to the gym*. Soon.

Anyway, I digress. Whilst walking through they have these little display windows where all the local designer shops advertise and pin up some of their garments. They are always eye catching and gorgeous. Sparkly shoes, Silky camisoles, size zero dresses... just gorgeous stuff. Amidst, I spotted the latest D&G chunky knit scarf in black. Very cool, very now and very Christmas Present-ish. Best of all, in just plain old knit stitch. Well, if its good enough for D&G - enough said. So, I frogged a garment (I'm ashamed to say which) for its gorgeous Cashmerino Chunky. Still in good nic!

Just smiling and clicking away with a knit stitch all the way through.

The Bubela wants to know whether Saba took his mobile phone to heaven. "Yes" I replied "but he didn't take his charger". What could I say.


purlyqueen said...

What a wonderful idea for my next project - the perfect project to take on a plane.

Shannon said...

absolutely right, nothing wrong with a knit scarf!

What a great answer about the phone, kids are always coming up with the most curiously adorable questions. Poor little guy probably wanted to call and say hi. Hugs to you for your strength