Saturday, September 29, 2007

The kitchen is finished. No more builders, no more mess... not left by builders anyway. The Nosh in the cabinets AGAIN!

The plain old scarf is finished, wrapped and ready for Christmas.

Also, here's a sneaky peak at this finished pressie too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing wrong with a plain old knit scarf

Whilst wondering through the gym the other day, *no don't choke I wasn't on the way to a class*, I was just passing through for a cup of coffee with friends. Actually, one wonders why I pay monthly fees just to visit there for luncheons... *Stop wondering, I will go to the gym*. Soon.

Anyway, I digress. Whilst walking through they have these little display windows where all the local designer shops advertise and pin up some of their garments. They are always eye catching and gorgeous. Sparkly shoes, Silky camisoles, size zero dresses... just gorgeous stuff. Amidst, I spotted the latest D&G chunky knit scarf in black. Very cool, very now and very Christmas Present-ish. Best of all, in just plain old knit stitch. Well, if its good enough for D&G - enough said. So, I frogged a garment (I'm ashamed to say which) for its gorgeous Cashmerino Chunky. Still in good nic!

Just smiling and clicking away with a knit stitch all the way through.

The Bubela wants to know whether Saba took his mobile phone to heaven. "Yes" I replied "but he didn't take his charger". What could I say.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear friends
Thank you all for your prayers, your wishes and your very kind words during the last few months.

Its been tough, it still is tough and its going to carry on being tough. I don't know if its going to get any easier, nor do I know whether I will fill the void left behind. I know that I will never forget Ubba and I know that he will be forever loved and forever missed.

The first and foremost important thing at the moment is to get my mum through this hardship. Mummy, I'll hold your hand forever. I love you. Always.


I can't really say that I have thrown myself into my knitting or my sewing, because its hard to motivate myself into anything at the moment. However, I have managed to finish the Phildar Swing Jacket, although nothing to get all excited about as the sun is shining now and hardly the weather to wear it.
Am I pleased with it? I am proud of myself for 1) completing it; 2) constructing it; 3) hand sewing the bias binding. I do however think its slightly slap dash in places and a little more care could have overseen that... nevermind.

Ooops, forgot to wish you happy Jewish new year. Shana tova to you.