Saturday, June 30, 2007

A meek hello and apologies for my absence

Bianca... thank you. I've not blogged for wee....ks. Thats not for having nothing to blog about as I've been plenty knitting (and crafting, hoot hoot!!). I just felt like my candle had been blown out. So, thank you Bianca for leaving a warming comment and for relighting my flame.

Where does one start with so much to show you. Here's just where I left off.

My first bag (pictured above) turned out to be a real mess. Being a self taught sewer, reading the pattern was, in places, like reading hieroglyphics. There were symbols I couldn't fathom. Putting the bag together was a mess too, I couldn't figure out how to turn the bag right side out. Blurgh. So, I bodge-jobbed this together and put the cover back on the sewing machine and took to the net to "research" techniques.

Weeks later, and I'm so pleased with this little beauty. I found the pattern here. Its such an easy bag to make - an excellent first project for aspiring sewers alike. As for the directions: they were easy to follow; very well explained (especially the turning the bag through bit); and jargon and symbol free.

There will definitely be more sewing in the pipelines. Watch this space!

Now, remember my fiasco with the crocheted blanket? Well, it had a stalling due to my KnitPicks yarn shortage. And, to the rescue (again!) my dear friend Shanidy of Purls and Curls, thank you, Shanidy. She so very kindly sent me the yarns.

So progress has picked up again on this, albeit very slowly.

I'll leave my other crafterlies for another post.

In other news:

The Nosh - is finally sitting up. 8 and a half months and he realises toys are so much more fun from an elevated view.

The Bubela - is syking himself up for the summer holidays. 3 more weeks left of school, then bring on the summer holidays.

WeightWatchers - I was half a pound away from target. HALF POUND. Then I go and put 4lbs on in one hit. I've been really good this week, so I hope I'll lose a lb.

I'll leave you with photos of our trip to Central London, click here. Sight seeing in your own city is amazing. The Bubela had such a ball, especially with his love of castles and soldiers he was in awe.


Anonymous said...

So happy to see you are back and with such beautiful pictures too.
I was thrilled to see your picnic blanket as I am thinking about it for my next project. You have made it look easy you are such an inspiration.
Chris- Edinburgh

Bianca said...

I'm so happy that you are back and thank you for your nice words.

Thank you also for the wonderful pictures. I love London so much, in October we will visit it for the second time this year with friends for a day.

Seeing the own town with 'touristic eyes' can be really interesting. My beloved practised this one or to years ago, wonderful weather and he made a lot of 'typical' Bremen photos. It was so great!

Kind regards and I hope, the candle will not burn out to fast

Cerella said...

Awesome blanket!!! It totally inspires me to learn how to crochet! :)

KnittingCanuck said...

Hey, missed your blogging, I read it here in Canada, just outside of Toronto. Your pics of London are great, wish I could get my 5 yr old to stand so nicely for pictures and actually look at the camera! Glad you are back to blogging, and congrats on finally (almost) getting to your goal weight, that really is an acomplishment to be proud of!! Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back to blogland. Love the blanket.

Cindy (UK)

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo glad you're back! I've missed reading about your adventures in crafts and your adorable family!