Thursday, July 31, 2008

Student for a week

I came across this quaint vintage shop this week, its a few doors down from the school I'm learning at. The Paper Dress sells vintage from the 40s to the 80s, but not only clothes and shoes. They sell brick a brack too. So, it was fun to have a look at the toys, telephones, wallpaper and furniture. I loved it, it was like walking into a time warp.

So, not only have I just been a student for a week, but it was a student at the London College of Fashion and wow what an experience. The place is amazing. They prepare for fashion shows on site and the clothes are fabulous. There are rails and rails of them.

The course was fantastic and I already want to do another, but the travelling on London Ungerground was revolting. PEOPLE - DEODORISE!! AND PEOPLE - DONT LET ANY PART OF YOUR BODY OR HAIR TOUCH ANYTHING OF MINE. Sorry, sorry for the rant, I know it was harsh but I'm probably too used to the comforts of my own car.

Ok, so rant over. Our tutor, with her wealth of experience of working in couture and high street, was patient and packed so much information into one week. I've come away from that course with so much knowledge and cant wait to get stuck in.

This is the bodice I made in class. The neckline, which is very similar to the neckline on my dress on Stella, has facing attached. One sleeve is gathered at the bottom and cuffed and the other is straight (in order to learn as much as possible).

So, what have the boys been upto whilst I've been back at school. Nana took them to see the animals at the forest, then splashed around in the paddling pool at home. Hubby bought them a goldfish each, Alvin and Theodore (named by the Bubela), taken them swimming every day and catching up with friends. The Bubela has the new football kit and the Nosh can now say feeee (which means fish). I'm having dinner made for me and the house is being kept lovely. The washing is being done and sent out to the ironing lady.

I've had a nice week! Have a good weekend, friends!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meet Stella

Many years ago a lovely lady born 6 children to her husband here in England. I'm not sure why, the Queens Army perhaps, but they spent the next 30 years in Trinidad. There, this lovely lady looked after and cared for her 6 children, including sewing all garments for them. Now, this lovely lady has returned here to England and is sewing for her MANY grandchildren. Her latest project, she told me, was making a china doll for her grand-daughter. She's got the china doll, she's just making the clothes to fit it now, wow.

Anyway, Stella has so kindly given me her old dressmakers dummy that she no longer uses and I'm so forever grateful. Her grandchildren named her Esmerelda, but I kinda like Stella as its got so much more behind the name.

Stella's first outfit will be my Vogue 3559. I can already gage that its not going to be my sort of dress, nevertheless, it's my first project so I'll finish it. Im really proud of myself so far *pat pat pat on my back*.

I used dressmakers chalk to mark all notches as initially I snipped into the fabric, but because I'm using linen, it frayed badly. You can't see my darts very clearly in this photo, but they're gorgeous!

I'd like to re-cover Stella in some nice funky fabric, any tips??

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Meme

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was 24, dating Hubby. Actually to be a little more precise... we'd just got engaged.

What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?

1. Buy a chollah (for shabbat)
2. Buy the Nosh a new pair of shoes
3. Food shopping
4. Wait in for my delivery of my dressmakers dummy
5. Pick the Bubela up early from school. Last day and schools out!!!

Snacks I enjoy

Garibaldi biscuits, M&S Jaffa cakes, crumpets - plain, Muller light and banana (when I'm being really good), Nutella on toast (when I'm being really bad), liquorice... and evidently Jelly Babies.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

First and foremost look after the Bubela and Nosh's future. Then Treat my Hubby to anything (it would be nice to treat him for a change). Treat my mum, as a thank you for everything she and my Ubba did for us. Donate a substantial amount which would make a difference into the research of Multiple Myeloma and stem cell transplants (the ghastly disease that took my Ubba). I would like to make a dent and a difference in this world if I could. Oh, and have my own country farm house. It would only be for visiting, so I would need to have housekeepers living there on a regular basis... If I were a billionaire!

Places I have lived

I've lived in Essex, England most of my life. I did live in Israel for a couple of years just before meeting Hubby. I lived on a kibbutz in Eilat, then for a little while in Jerusalem.

Jobs ,I have had:

Bank teller, receptionist in various companies, secretary/PA in law firm, marketing and a Mummy.

Bloggers I am tagging who I will enjoy getting to know better:

If your reading this - count yourself tagged, but be sure and let me know so I can read all 'bout you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's eaten all the Jelly Babies??

Hubby bought a packet and now can't find them!!

Yesterday, I spontaneously purchased a pattern from the local fabric shop, Simplicity 3559. And, 2M of a natural coloured linen fabric.

I sat and stared at the instruction packet for a good half hour before gaining courage to actually open up the pattern and take out those delicate paper pieces. I read, and re-read time after time after time the instructions.

What to do first. Do I trace the pieces onto dressmakers paper? Do I mark with a felt tip the size line I'll be following? Do I allow for seams or are seam allowances included? ... I don't know.

I bit the bullet and cut the size 14. To be honest, I don't even know why I cut the 14, because I'm a UK12 and I think sizes are US. I will admit that the nice lady in the shop told me to go with measurements and not dress size. But, when working with measurements I ended up with a size 12 bust, size 20 waist and a size 14 hip!!.

I know I've put on a few lbs, a Jelly Baby here and there, but I know my dress size hasn't altered that much! However, its the size 14 that is all pinned and ready to cut, I guess I can always take it in if necessary.

In other news

The Nosh says two news words: Shoes and Juice... arrrhhhhh, such a cutie.
My clever Bubela had a fabulous school report. Can you tell I'm a proud mummy of two wonderful boys.

School breaks up tomorrow! So much planned so keep an eye on my weekly photos of the Bubela and Nosh.

... whats Hubby up to??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So my day starts when I'm reversing out of my drive to take the Bubela to school, when he says from the back seat, "Mummy, Adam's got a really smelly nappy". Confused, because I'd just changed his nappy before getting into the car, I turned off the engine and went to inspect.

Yes, it did stink. But, Oh. my. word. The Bubela, the clutz that he is, had stepped in foxes poo.

So, my day started washing shoes, then the mats, then racing with time to get to school.

It was actually an anticipated bad day from as early as yesterday afternoon, when the brownish red paint turned out to be Mulberry brown - not to mention Neighbour wanting terracotta orange in the first place.

OK. Rewind.

We are having (along with our semi-detached neighbour), the front of the house painted. Its half red brick, and half red tile. We (predominantly Hubby) wanted the tile painted a brownish red, neighbour wanted a flower pot terracotta.

Problem one. Neighbour never conferred with Hubby upon preference.

Problem two. The Mulberry paint that went on neither of them liked - and pretty me had to tell the builder.

Problem three. Neighbours was re-painted the wanted terracotta pot orange, ours the red brick tile colour.

Oy vey, such a magila!

Turns out today, we had our red brick colour painted and she wants the same as us. I'm exhausted!

And you know what made my day a great day, my friends little girl laughing out loud at something the Nosh did - I think he kissed her - and finishing it off with a lovely walk.

P.s. her mummy loved the chair covers, phew!!! Fit? Ish!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

' been buying 'gain, tck

My Ubba - may he rest in peace - always had special sayings, aphorisms of simple wisdom. Of me, he would say (or rather warn), not to buy the petrol before the car. Well Ubba, I've done it again. I've bought the fabric and the patterns and I can't even sew yet!

I just get excited, thats all! Only a couple more weeks until that special sewing course. So much planned.

*scratching head* Is it difficult to sew a shirt (for the Nosh)?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where've I been...

... not sipping pina colada and bathing my feet in the Med thats for sure (oh, how I long...).

Reason of absence: *smiling* sewing and knitting and reading and cyber shopping and... gosh, lots!

In sewing, I boldly accepted to take on a project for a friend of mine who asked me to make her some chair covers for her dining room table. How flattering, but oy vey, what a task! I graciously accepted and, seeing as this is the first sewing project of this sort I'm very pleased with the outcome. I hope she and her husband will be pleased with them, or at least fit! I'll share full photos once completed but here's a sneeky peek. They are modeled on my chairs hence the fit.

I just love the fabric she has chosen.

Oh, and that pinky mesh in the background is the tutu I'm making for another friends little girl. I'll share pics once completed... she's adorable.

So what have I been buying? Once photographed, I'll upload and share, but to tempt your taste buds; vintage sewing patterns; another Japanese sewing book, a few yards of fabric from the States and a short course in dressmaking at the London College of Fashion *jumping in excitement*.

Yes, thats right, I'm doing a short course, just a week, in dressmaking and hopefully *cheesy grin* it should show me the basics of construction and alteration and I wont need to just guess anymore.

Yep, I'll be back on that sweaty London Underground system commuting into London again.

In knitting, I've started the Stripes and Dots ('cept its just stripes) Blanket from the Adorable Knits for Kids by Zoe Mellor. Its planned for a friend due with twins in about 4-6 weeks time. Its two boys, which has helped with my colour scheme. I'm hoping to do a matching blanket with spots for the other twin... hoping.

Muzel Tov Gemma and David. A gorgeous little girl.