Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweetpea4Kids are not on the high street

Look who want to stock my designs!!

I'm chuffed to bits that I've been given the opportunity to sell my tee shirts and dresses through My products actually go live in a couple of weeks time, but I'll give you all plenty of notice.

In the meantime, I've been photoshop-ing my images, and seeking models and new designs.

This is Tamar modelling the new "Olivia Octopus" Tee. "Olivia Octopus" has twinkly sequin eyes and has already been a huge hit.

My house party went really well and my designs were well received. Its an amazing compliment to see people flicking through your makes as if they were in a real life store. Even more amazing when people actually buy and order from me.

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another glimpse...

Here's a work in progress to take a glimpse at. I've made this in two colourways now, both age 3. I will be stocking these shortly in the shop.

I'm almost done sewing up for Thursday's clothes party. I'm sewing up my last three dresses. I've just hemmed and button-holed, I've just got to sew on the buttons and label.

In fact, [WARNING: rant ahead] I'm slightly pissed off annoyed at my label supplier. His delivery timing is way too slow to be acceptable. My labels are still not here after being ordered over a week ago. I'm only hoping they arrive tomorrow. I print my own labels using the ink jet - iron on method, so it isn't leaving me a lot of preparation time. I foresee me frantically ironing and sewing late Wednesday night.

Oy vey.


Glorious additions to my collection!

My creation
Is there a shop that you cannot walk past? Or a shop that you must come out of with something? I have that very shop an hour away from home, where my MIL lives. Its her local charity shop. A haven for good vintage sewing patterns at a steal of 20p. Every time we visit, well, not every time, but every time we visit on a Saturday when the shops are open, its a must that I visit. I don't think there has been a time when I haven't left that shop with a buy. Be it a good saga book, or a vintage sewing pattern or a bunch of knitting/crochet needles.

Hubby waits outside. He has some sort of smell phobia about charity shops. He has been known to pop his head through the door and give me the "eyes", you know, those hurry up it stinks, eyes.

And, this a selection of the few patterns I manage to scoop when we last visited.

These patterns do not get used. Oh, Heavens forbid. I leave them in the condition that I buy them in and preserve them in ziplock bags. I only collect 1960-70's patterns, focusing mainly on the 1970's and I just think they are wonderful to look at.

Monday, April 20, 2009

One for the girls and one for the boys

Two new tee shirts have been added to the shop today.

"Cupcake Candy" tee shirt cut from Michael Millers fabric. Hand embellished, and each cut is unique.

This comes in the usual sizes of 12mths, Age 2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8.

All t-shirts are 100% cotton and excellent quality.

This is the original cupcake design that flew off the shelves at one of my craft fairs. Demand was so high, it didn't even get a chance to be added to the shop.

My creation

For the boys, its "Retro Robot" inspired by Lucas, my friends little boy. He is Robot crazy and wanted a custom order Robot t-shirt. Since, has been included in my kids tee shirt range.

Again, sizes as above. All hand embellished with sparkly sequins.

I put this one on the Nosh to model for me. However, once on, he just walked off wearing it and wasn't having any camera flashing's today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Glorious day out and I'm set up in the conservatory at the Old Singer, again. I've got the ipod singing my tunes (James Taylor) and I'm blissfully smiling. Hubby's clearing out the garden shed with both boys and I foresee hours of blissful sewing uninterrupted ahead.

My harmonious afternoon was abruptly ended with the sound of unmentionable swearing, crashing sounds in the shed and what I could see through the little shed window from where I was sitting was... the sight of Hubby... dancing? No. Jumping? No. Catching? No. Puzzled, yet not puzzled enough to disturb my sewing moment.


Hubby was thrown out of the little shed. OK, this was the moment I flew to the garden. "Si, you alright?"

Now, would be the moment I let you know that my hubby does not use bad language - thats my job!

S**t, F**k, S**t, F**k... and so on for minutes.

So, bouncing across the garden's grass to his rescue from what I think is the saw, or perhaps the axe (no, we haven't got one of those so back to the saw) attacking him.

No blood.

"There's a fox in the shed". Obviously, a big, BIG fox waiting to gobble... sorry, I'm getting carried away here. There's a fox living in my shed. No babies, no partner, just a fox which has taken a fancy to our sun lounger (since, has been taken to the dump and poor fox has no where to sleep).

In other news:

New sewing magazine out next month. Sew. With Gok on the front, I can't wait to see who's inside!

One of my dresses has been featured on

I hate a photoless post, hence a sight of two of my dresses. Ages 2 and 4.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Easter holidays are coming to a close and back to school on Monday. The holidays have been full of excitement and jam packed full of entertainment.

I'm currently busy working on dresses to take along to my first house party being hosted for Sweetpea4Kids. I love this dress that is featured here. It has a puff cap sleeve which I've elasticated at the cuff to give extra puff. This is a button back fastening. Age 3.

I think I'll make a few more in different colourways. It could be a hit!

I've also added two new designs to the tee shirts, soon to be added to the shop! One for the girls and one for the boys and you wont be disappointed. Facebook fans will be the first to have exclusive photos of the new designs, so click on the link in the sidebar to become a fan.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Papercraft on Folksy

Folksy is a Handmade Haven for sellers and buyers of Artist, Makers and Crafters from the UK.
I've been window shopping at some of the papercraft talent around.

Can you believe how cute this little teacup is (available for purchase here). I'm a sucker for vintage tea sets thats why this tea cup caught my eye. Gorgeous!

Next is the little geisha girl card. Again, took my fancy because I love (in fact used to collect) dolls from around the world. The geisha girl, in particular, always being my favourite because she was always the prettiest! Available for purchase here.

This original print available here *Hubby, remember the Yiddishe bagel shop we found in Venice?* Venice is so very small, and I even remember this particular Square.

... and roses that will never die available here

Friday, April 10, 2009


Firstly, thank you all for visiting and entering my giveaway. Its been exciting! I know the winner will be delighted!

All entries have been folded teeny weeny into the "hat" and the lucky winner has been picked by the Bubela. Whom, I'd like to take this opportunity at saying has made me a very proud Mummy in everything you do, but namely over the Passover Seder this week. Well done, Bubela!

And.... the lucky winner is.....


Well done!! Please leave a comment here with your email address so I can get in touch with you.

Did you have a flick through the Spring Edition of UK handmade yet? I fell over myself with excitement when I turned to the Editor's Spring Choice and found it was one of my dresses! This one.

*excitement can barely be contained*

I've also been urged to start up a facebook fanpage. Details are in my sidebar. Become a fan and be of the first to know when something new is being listed in the shop, or event's where I'll be exhibiting at. Become a fan!

This is a work in progress photo of my latest item which has actually now been completed. I finished this by adding a casing around the centre and inserting ties to gather the waist.

This past week, I have been busy working on a load of tees for an upcoming trunk party/house party which a friend has very kindly offered to host for me. I have added a few more designs to my range of tee shirts which will be showcased over the coming weeks, you will not be disappointed.

Until then, to my Jewish friends, Happy Passover! And, to those that hunt the Easter bunny down, save an egg for me!

Before I go, in other news:

Potty training for the Nosh - (Day 2 completed) Mess on the carpet a few times, but (disinfectant in hand) we're getting there. Oy vey.

Passover cooking - The Plava this year, ach, not as good as others, but the Matzo Pudding was a real hit!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Four years today. I was younger, thinner and mum to only one. I was only knitting at the time and using *whispers* acrylic. I was on the IVF rollercoaster, travelling daily into town. I was shopping too much and not earning a wage.

The Bubela was at nursery and I was at home. Hubby bought me a laptop and I entered the world of blogging...

Since, I'm older, dieting and mum to two. Under my belt is the knitting and crochet with two unfinished blankets awaiting their use. Many knitted items have been gifted and worn. I've tested the waters of cross stitch and plushies. I've baked, made fudge and gifted my truffles. But, my latest and greatest fad is my vintage Singer.

This journey has been one of the most colourful, fibresome and rewarding of all. I've met some wonderful friends across the globe, I've shared my laughter and worn my heart. I will most defintey continue to blog - you've been a great audience.

And.......... to mark the celebration I'm giving away one of my tee shirts of your choice. To view my collection please take a browse in my Etsy shop.

All you have to do to enter is comment here telling me which one you would like and post a link from your blog back to mine.

One of my boys will be selecting the winner on Friday 10th April.