Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear friends
Thank you all for your prayers, your wishes and your very kind words during the last few months.

Its been tough, it still is tough and its going to carry on being tough. I don't know if its going to get any easier, nor do I know whether I will fill the void left behind. I know that I will never forget Ubba and I know that he will be forever loved and forever missed.

The first and foremost important thing at the moment is to get my mum through this hardship. Mummy, I'll hold your hand forever. I love you. Always.


I can't really say that I have thrown myself into my knitting or my sewing, because its hard to motivate myself into anything at the moment. However, I have managed to finish the Phildar Swing Jacket, although nothing to get all excited about as the sun is shining now and hardly the weather to wear it.
Am I pleased with it? I am proud of myself for 1) completing it; 2) constructing it; 3) hand sewing the bias binding. I do however think its slightly slap dash in places and a little more care could have overseen that... nevermind.

Ooops, forgot to wish you happy Jewish new year. Shana tova to you.


Virtuous said...

Aah Sweetpea that void can never be filled, but trust it will get easier over time. I have been thru the same thing.

Yeah you cranked out the swing jacket! Good for you! It is actually getting cold here and would be perfect over here!

Hope to hear from you again soon. Take care of you too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweetpea,
I am at a loss to say anything that will make your pain less, your husband and boys are a credit to you and because of there love and support you in turn can help you dear mother. So you are blessed in that respect.
Your swing jacket is beautiful and that syle suits you very well. A huge well done on keeping going with it, it looked mighty complicated at times, Did the knit a long help you keep on track?
I was so glad to see you had posted as I have checked every single day and just kept hoping.
take care love Chris x

Anonymous said...

sorry typo on above there should be their

Knitting Mummy said...

Lovely to see you back and the jacket looks lovely. Having lost my mum 4 years ago I can say it never goes away but you do learn to live with it and accept it, and one day you wake up and the pain just isn't so bad anymore. You are right that your mum will need you now but from what I can tell from reading your blog you have a close and supportive family and will get through this together.
Love to your family at this time.
God Bless

Cerella said...

That sweater is adorable! I love the red accents. Glad to have you've been missed. :)

iSeL said...

You should be very proud of yourself. The jacket looks adorable.
Many hugs.

Tanya Whelan said...

It's adorable!!! You should be proud!