Saturday, December 08, 2007


*Sigh*. Sorry, I hate to start a post with a sigh, but I saw those feet in my last post and it seems like moons ago that they were exposed and bathing themselves in the warm salty sea. How time runs away with you. And it doesn't help that I'm all bunged up with a cold, tired from an interrupted nights sleep because the Nosh is also bunged up with a cold. So, I'm sitting in and scoffing a box of chocolates (nothing special, just an Advent calender that the Bubela left behind).

Anyway my dear friends and family, Happy Channukah to you all. With Channukah here, it brings to light just how near Chruxmas is *the excitement turns the corners of my mouth upright*.

This explanation of what Channukah really is has been circulating the net - it chuckled me!

1st night - argue over which side candles start
2nd night - cut knuckle grating potato for latkes
3rd night - lose dreidel under fridge
4th night - spend hour getting wax out of menorah holes
5th night - lose track of which night you're on
6th night - get latke grease on good shirt
7th night - fish chocolate coin out of dog's mouth
8th night - be short one candle

As for my latest project. This used to be a pair of maternity trousers that I obviously have no more need for. So, I chopped off a leg, seamed up the sides, made a couple of handles and voila. Well, not exactly. That was the easy bit.

I played around with a photo of the Nosh on Photoshop to give me this negative. Then, used hotfix transfer paper and encrusted with bling. Its my new little nappy bag! I love it.

My Amigurumi Kitten is coming along lovely. Its been my project of late. Photos to come.


Anonymous said...

Happy Channukah to you too! :-) You're boys are getting so big-and cute! I love the new bag too!

Michelle said...

The bag is such a cute idea! Love it!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful, that you are back and had a good time!

And your bag looks great.

I hope, you will better and get some more sleep soon.

I hope, I'am allowed to wish you a happy Channukah, too, although my festivity is Christmas. Channukah sounds like something really wonderful as one of the things, I love at this time are the many wonderful lights you see everywhere.

Kind regards

Knitting Mummy said...

That bag is great, what a great idea.

SweetPeaknits said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my bag.
Kisses to you all. xx