Monday, May 14, 2007

Just a quick post...

to show you a glimpse of the bag I'm sewing together.

I've had to have a weeks break from the bag project (in fact, all my projects) due to a stinking good old fashioned cold. The type where your whole body aches, your eyes feel like they are being poked with hot irons, your nose feels like its been clamped down, your throat like a blazing fire and a headache like a day in Parliament. I can't remember the last time I felt so bad.

I lost my appetite then I found it, but where have my taste buds gone? There's no fun in fressing chocolate with no taste buds.

I've a swap pending from the Gimme Your Stuff website. I'm keeping to one swap at a time else I'd get farmischt with too much going on. I've enjoyed shopping for my swap partner, I hope she likes everything I bought for her. I'll post pictures when the swap is complete.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


What do you search for when travelling the world? I'm always in search of crafty bits and bobs, or magazines that I can't get hold of here. Make-up and creams. Now, with this amazingly cool site, you can swap almost anything from the comfort of your living room.

An international swap site. Drum roll!!

Gimme Your Stuff

Literally, you can swap almost anything you want. So, just post a comment if you want to swap.

I'm happy to send you anything providing I can get hold of it and its not too heavy for postage.

Here's what I can offer:

1. Yarn, fibres or knitting magazines
2. Fabric, Fat Quarters, quilting magazines
3. Buttons, ribbons and trimmings
4. Card making crafts, stickers
5. Cross stitch magazines, or patterns
6. Childrens or vintage Magazines, comics or books.
7. British Newspapers.
8. Tea, shortbread biscuits, Cadbury's chocolate or sweets.
9. Any other British little kitschy gems you fancy.

Here is what I'd like to receive:
1. Yarn
2. Fabric, vintage or otherwise. I like the pretty stuff.
3. Sewing patterns for bags, accessories and kids stuff.
4. Knitting or crochet Magazines/books.
5. Japanese crafty magazines/books (Cotton Time Mag, Tiny Patchworks, Handmade Zakka).
6. French Marie Clare Idees Magazines
7. Pretty much anything crafty!

Lets get spoilt rotten. Contact me in the comments or email me estee(dot)moscow(at)sky(dot)com

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Ugly Betty wears heels

Some may think I'm this rock chick that knits (and I hate to disillusion) but, I'm more like a Betty Suarez who does housework with Barry Manilow on her ipod.

So now the secrets out I'm gonna take a gamble and tell you another one. That I'm probably the one and only and last person on this here planet that STILL watches Newlyweds. Yes, I know they're divorced, but I'm living the past. I guess you could call me a Jessica Simpson fan, there you are, I said it. So when I saw these little gems of a clog I had to grab them with both hands and rush over to the till before anyone could persuade me otherwise. Jessica Simpson clogs, *shriek*, I know. And the soles are enscribed with her autograph. Love 'em. Love 'em. And they're kinda rock chickish.

Are you still here?

Anyway, the purpose of the shopping trip was to visit my local craft store. So, there I am pushing the pram (clogs in the basket underneath) and I notice the Nosh has lost his sock. Oy vey. Not again. When he's excited he has a little Riverdance thing going on... he must have had one of those moments in the shoe shop and kicked off his sock.

Oh well, another one bites the dust.

I purchased some lovely letterbox red buttons and binding for my Phildar Swing Jacket. Beige and red. Does that go? I guess anything really goes with beige and for me, the brighter the contrast the better. And, I bought some stuff(!?) for a new sewing project I have in mind. Fabric can get very addictive, but I've promised myself not to build a stash until I know that I will enjoy sewing it up.

Sweetpea Family turn your heads 'cos the very sight of this dish may churn stomachs. For the past week, we the Sweetpea family have had cauliflower. We are sick sick sick of it. We had cauliflower cheese, of which the leftovers were mouleed for the Nosh. Great dish. Thank you Eva for your tip on ridding of bugs and thanks girls for your recipe suggestions.

p.s. I'm actually more of a Nick Lachey fan.
p.p.s. I've 3lb to target.