Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kooky Cakes with Naughty Numbers

Thank you to my dear friend for booking the Nosh into the creche today so that I could attend the gym. Maybe it was a needed hint, maybe to be a chaperon, maybe to see the new walking machine. Nevertheless, a great excuse for Nutella on toast. So, really, Thank you! Next week, same time?

And, this year, instead of cutting a pumpkin, and preparing a gorgeous roasted pumpkin soup, we decided to go for calories make scary cupcakes and decorate them instead. Rather, a messy kitchen, dyed fingers, temptation in the cupboard, and a whole load of E numbers to contend with.

Whilst awaiting two skeins of Rowan Cotton Glace to finish my amigurumi kitten, I've been charity knitting for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. These two little jumpers will become keyrings to be sold for £2.50 each. So, should you have a lonely key in your drawer and you wish to purchase a knitted keyring (handbags and jumpers) (UK ONLY) please contact me with your email address where I can forward on the details of where to purchase them.


shoppingmum said...

Those tiny jumpers are so cute!

MRS MJW said...

Love the little sweaters. They are so adorable.