Friday, April 13, 2007

Love is... Bonjella Bliss

When the Bubela was born I was very lucky to have him grow up along side my friends little girl. There was only 8 weeks difference between them and we would always compare notes and pretty much did everything together. If one would cry we'd question why, shrug our shoulders and dubiously whisper "teething?". If one wasn't sleeping through the night for a couple of nights... teething. Gone off food... Teething. Poo-ing... TEETHING. Who knew what it would be, but we'd bung in the Bonjella teething gel and watch the both of them lick their lips and appease.

The Nosh had a burst of tears today... dare I ask? I bunged in the Bonjella anyway.

Phildar Swing Jacket got thrown on the floor in a rage yesterday. Well, not a rage just a frustrated urgh. I finished the whole left side only to notice I didn't split the side for the pocket. Oy vey, had to frog the blooming thing. Well, we all know what WIP will be out tonight during Ugly Betty.


iSeL said...

Awww, how cute. :D

lomester said...

the same thing happened to my jacket!! keep at it! i think i am lining mine tonite.

Laura.Y said...

Hang on in there :) we all get into that phase sooner or later.