Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seedling Cam

Here's a glimpse at just a few pots of seedlings. There are a few pots of peppers on the left and tomatoes on the right. We're growing! And, they are coming along lovely.

I'm particularly proud of my cucumber and corn. I love 'em! I'm hoping to plant a few more in pots this weekend. I'm hoping this weekend will be dry for at least a few hours for me to plant seeds into my raised beds. I'm slightly nervous about letting those seedlings out just yet as I fear it may be just too wet at present.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Dolly

A girl can never have enough dolls. I have beautiful memories of me and my dolls. I loved all of them. So much so, I used to make sure they were ALL comfortable and tucked up well in bed (MY BED) for the night. And me, I would sort of find a place to squeeze in and get a nights sleep.

I love this little rag doll that I've made. She wasn't difficult to construct and I had the stuffing here from previous projects that I've made. In fact, the most difficult part is making a dress for her that suits. This dress is unfortunately too small and I'm not sure its the right fabric either. It looks more of a kimono than a pretty dress for a rag doll.

I hope to complete her shortly and show her off in all her glory.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Everybody has a dream. Be it a dream job, dream house, dream man. We all have dreams.

Ive had many dream jobs. Apart from the obvious get rich quick job, I've dabbled in the dream of a librarian where I could sit and read books all day. And the dream colomnist job, where I could write endlessly and have fans follow. The fashion designer. The dressmaker. And, there was even a matchmaker of recent times.

 Recados Para Orkut

As you can see, my dreams dont stop at one.

The dream house. There is only one. Its sits on a hill and has a stream running out in the back garden. You can see sheeps from the back window and even a passing cow. There are chickens being raised in the coup outside and the vegetable patch next to the greenhouse. There isn't anther house for miles, but I'm not lonely, as hubby and I are just fine laughing and watching our old home movies of the kids growing up.

Dream man. I got him. See. Dreams do come true.

But seriously, I wish I would stop daydreaming and get on with all these WIPS. I've had a knitted cardigan here to knit up for months.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home grown produce

Im told there is nothing like eating your home grown produce. I'll let you know when our crop is ready for consumption. At present there is a tiny, incy wincy sprout poking through the soil in a few of the cups on the window sill.

Oy, the excitement of a sprout!

I know. Me. Growing veg. Even with my years' kibbutz experience in the Mango fields. I appreciate slightly different both in climate and surroundings, but never the less those green fingers are back. So, let me tell you all about my seedlings.

We now have this little patch at the back of the garden encased in sleepers and a perfect site for growing veg. Sort of a raised bed, 'cept its not raised. Guess its not a raised bed after all. Anyway, you get the gist.

All lined up on the window sill are little pots of tomatoes, corn, cucumber and peppers. And the tomatoes have sprouted. YAY!!!

Do you home grow? Shall we share photos. OK. I'm going to take photos tomorrow and share.


*Creeping back into blogland*

Hey All.

Just popped in to say hi and slowly resurrect my neglected blog.

Hope you are all well.

Drop me a line and let me know what y'all been up to. Id love to hear from you.

Much love, as always.