Monday, October 15, 2007

The traffic is just horrendous on the school run. You could be sitting in it for anything up to half an hour solid. Its a great way to let your frustrations out and fantastic when its that time of the month.

Try it. Road Rage Rocks!

So, I'm in the car, road raging (as usual) around the roundabout "grunt, grunt, grunt".

"What Mummy", the Bubela's nose interupts (as usual).

"Nothing, Bubela its just the lousy drivers, don't worry about it. Grunt, grunt, grunt" - keeping it clean.

"Oh" he sounded saticfied. "They're called women drivers, mummy".

{Gasp} Well, I never.

The pirate ship cake was a knock out.
Boys party.
And a pirate ship cake.

Who's the Mummy!

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Anonymous said...

Kids are so cute! He sounds so much like my niece-she's 6 too. I Love the cake! You are such a fantastic mom!