Monday, January 28, 2008

Facebook. Dare I even say have you heard of it. I meet someone out now, be it at the Tumble Tots with the Nosh, or in the supermarket at the checkout, my ciao, my au revour has become my "Facebook me!"

So, what is Facebook? Whats all the fuss over? I guess its an individual addiction. Lemon to one's vodka, or the petrol to one's car. My addiction? I'm more for an aperitif (just lots of them).

I have loved rekindling old friendships and hearing what old friends are up to.

Now that I'm loving the cross stitch, I've decided to make keepsake wall hangings to sell. I've set myself up an Etsy shop ~ do go in and have a browse. I've even Facebooked a group *blush* ~ and be sure to join it.

As for the other crafts and loves of my life:

Knitting - None on the go at present
Crochet - Still have the little kitten amigurumi to finish
Sewing - My roman blinds are ready to go up just waiting for Hubby to do his little handy work with drill
WW - Started again this week and lost a pound (still at target, just want to lose another 5lb or so)

Dont forget and facebook me. Find me through the group Personalised Baby Keepsake Gifts.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Just a quicky post to welcome you all to 2008. May this be a happy and healthy new year to be had by all.

My new project to end 2007 was embellishing a number of clothing in hot fix crystals. This was one of the tops I had embellished for the Nosh to wear New Years Eve for dinner.

I've had a bumper 2008 so far with regards projects. I'm in the midst of sewing my own roman blinds, I'm just waiting for some little plastic ring thingy's to come through the post then I'll be done and I'll take some photos. I'm also cross-stitching at the moment, photos again to follow.

As for knitting, nothing has caught my eye for the Autumn range, I'm waiting for the new Rowan mag in February. What's everyone knitting?

Crochet - the little kitten has become my UFO for the moment, in fact, I'm re-crocheting parts of it as I somehow slipped from a regular dc to a trb.