Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This is what they mean by that good old English weather

It wasn't a fragment of my imagination - I checked. I've got video footage to prove it. We did have a summer (a grand whole week of it) back in April.

I walked back through the playground this morning after school drop off, my face showered with rain, my jeans dampened through and my boots glistening with rain droplets... just yuck. My mind in another place entirely... rewind 3/4 weeks or so ago and there I was cladding on the sunscreen lotion, shopping for sun hats and swapping to summer wardrobes. Thank goodness for my inner instinct for not throwing out the Bubelas school shoes in exchange for his sandals.

It did also occur to me when I cast on for Iceland (Rowan 42), that this was Autumn/Winter wardrobe, and it did cross my mind to possibly cast on for the lighter version in Kidsilk Haze, like the Gabi . Just as well I didn't as I think it may be a well worn piece, should I of course manage to finish this without being sidetracked with all my other crafterly bits n pieces.

In other news, loving Ravelry. I've only been playing around in there for a few weeks even though I became a member way, way back in the summer of 2007. A great place for ideas of substituting yarns and a gallery of finished objects to tempt your sticks, a huge worldwide community all in one place. Love it.

Photos updated in my sidebar were taken yesterday.