Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My 2006 - in photos

This has been a very special year for me and my family. Im very happy to share with you my photos of the year.

This time last year, Hubby and I were preparing ourselves for our third attempt at IVF. Fortunately, we were lucky and now have a beautiful baby boy, The Nosh. (Pictured, me in recovery after delivery)

The Bubela, Hubby and I went on holiday to Cyprus whilst me being 6 months pregnant. The Bubela had a great time on the beach every day (pictured). I, on the other hand was like an oversized, hormonal beach whale with an odd addiction to air conditioning units at all times.

The Bubela also started school in September 2006 (Pictured). An emotional day for me, the only mum in the playground crying - blamed it on the pregnancy hormones!

October, our joyous month. Just 2 days before The Nosh was born, The Bubela had his own celebration, He turned 5. Guess who loves Scooby Doo?

Pictured just a few days ago on Boxing Day is my whole family. We are a very special family, I love you all.

As for knitting, not much this year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BIL's Christmas Scarf

Don't you just love shopping for Christmas? Why is it that I've finished all my shopping now, but I still insist on putting in "last orders" online. Or, with five days to go insist on tracking down the sell out toy of the year. Or, guarantee I'll be out there braving the crowds and hitting the shops Christmas Eve... as I do every year. Its just the buzz of Christmas shopping because let me tell you, I start shopping in October every year.

I'll also start a Clapotis just to challenge myself and see if its ready in time. Oy, who am I kidding... what with the Chanukah activities at the school tomorrow, then Thursday having the carpets cleaned, Friday - food shopping... Some chance. At least my first Christmas project is completed (well, almost... just need to sew in ends and block). This is the scarf for BIL, made up in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick n Quick. Good news - we now have a British stockist Banyan Tree Yarns. Hip Hip - Hurray!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Chanukah Sweetpea-ers

The first night of Chanukah, Happy Chanukah.

I've a problem with the BIL's scarf. I've decided to knit a striped scarf, but I've now run out of yarn. I'm going to check the internet shops and see if anyone stocks Lion Brand in the UK. Oy, this is all I need a week before Christmas.

Weight watchers - I joined a couple of weeks ago. Lost 4lb in my first week and I've about 10lb left to lose until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Still need some toning up though, and here is a treat for all your weight watchers.

p.s that's not my Dairy Milk in the background, Honest.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A house becomes a knitters home

Our new house is slowly becoming a knitters home again, with WIP's left in every room! Must say, Hubby isn't too impressed.

N.B These photos have not been set up, they are the real homes of these WIP's.

Unfortunately, no progress has been made with the Nosh's jumper this week, I've been pre-occupied with the grey scarf (pictured) for BIL. Although, I'm now thinking I don't have enough yarn for a thick cable scarf.

I've two balls of Lion Brand thick and quick, one black and one grey... any suggestions for man's scarf?

The Nosh is eating like there is no tomorrow!! If he could talk, he'd ask for steak 'n chips, I'm sure. 6oz every 2-3 hours!! Can't really moan though, 'cos its getting him through the night and I'm catching my zzzd's.

The Bubela's "grown up" tooth is surfacing, and the next one is wobbling. I've told him to eat on the other side so as not to disturb the wobble. Wouldn't you for £10 a tooth!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The tooth fairy visits the Bubela

Look who's lost a tooth. And guess who lost £10.

Muzel tov Bubela on losing your first tooth.

The Alphabet jumper for the Nosh is coming along lovely. I did wonder whether the Nosh would outgrow it before I completed it. I'm knitting up a 3mth size, so I'd better get those needles dancing as he is 7 weeks today.