Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FO in the sewing world

OK. This is all a bit much for me... One day knitting, the next crochet and now sewing! Oy, the world is my oyster.

My mother gave me her old sewing machine, and I say old because it was her mothers before that. After taking in its manual, then having a couple of lessons from mummy herself *thank you mummy, for flying over here last night to help me insert the bobbin*. And when I say fly, you'd better believe it.

I put thread to fabric and off I went. Arrhhh.... sew exciting.

You know the feeling when you get a new toy and all you do is look and touch, and dust and clean, but dare not play for fear of marring and spoiling, or greasing and scratching, at worst breaking it...I did that for a week.

? I know.

I also scoured the net for projects and found that a good beginner project would be an apron. And seeing as I'm a Monica around the house and a Bree in the kitchen... although Hubby would probably add wanabee infront of both those names.

So, in Bree fashion I cut out the shapes from the fabric which, btw is recycled curtains from my spare room in my old house, promoted to a dust sheet in my now house. Love recycling.

I ironed down my seams and tacked them. Though, in hindsight I didn't really need to tack them if I'd ironed them. I then placed the pieces together and sewed.

Sew proud of my first sewing finished garment.


Lauren said...

love the slide show. great apron. is there anything you can't do? Well done, so proud...your friend Lauren XXX

ruth said...

ooh, love the apron! congrats on delving into sewing!!

shannon said...

Whoo hooo, horray for crafting projects of all kinds. Looks great!!

iSeL said...

Very cute apron and you look awesome. Are you sure you had a baby recently?!

Laura.Y said...

Nifty! u did much better then me...:) It took me quite a while to sew something. U r talented girl!

Knitting Mummy said...

Love the apron, and that slide show is a bit flashy isn't it. I also want to do some sewing but keep putting it off, I have my grans old machine, but it is a hand one!!!