Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oy, have I been busy.

I didn't even have a chance to wish my Jewish frends and happy Passover. I hope you all had a nice sedar. The bubela did an excellent rendition of the Ma Nish Ta Na. Oy, I was so proud.

As for the baking this year, I made great almond macaroons and a great plava (light sponge cake made without flour and suitable for passover). I know the family are pleased I have taken over from Mama whom every year used to make our plava cake, and oy vey what a cake. We used to call it the "stick in the throat cake". You'd have to have it with a large glass of kosher wine (I'm not complaining) but it would take the rest of the service to digest.

She has since been sacked retired from baking the cakes, probably due to the greif she gets every year... giving me the job (the next balebuste of the family).

As for the knitting, I've finally sewn and made up the peach cardigan for Cydney. Its all wrapped up and ready to go.

I'm now 12 weeks pregnant. I had a scan last night and the Little Chooch is well and bright. Now, I am just so excited about this pregnancy and can't wait to meet it. *Cant stop smiling* Once I get photos of my bump and scan uploaded, I'll share them all with you... promise.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm afraid there isn't much knitting content today. I'm still having that "can't be bothered to pick up the needles" thing.

"Baby M" was born last week, her name is Cydney Leah, so now I'm under pressure to get the peach cardigan sewn up. I sat at the table last night sewing on a sleeve but I had such difficulty leaning over my large belly (and I'm only 10 weeks!) that I only managed to do the one. I'll do another tonight... I can see this being a slow one piece a day process.

As for my stash, its been tidied up and out of sight. Yep, in a cupboard on the top shelf. Its a real tease, like chocolate on out of reach.

I'm now 10 weeks pregnant and have been signed off from the fertility clinic now and just have to register with my local doctor. I've seen our baby so many times now in the scan so have now started to believe that I'm truly pregnant. I still have the ugly bug - the acne, swollen face and chin hair, but I've been assured that once I come off the steriods this will all go. *You'd better be right Dr Ah-Moy, not that I'd be mad with you, you put a made a baby for me*.

The Bubela asked me how the baby was going to come out. So I told him they are going to cut it out of my belly. "But how are they going to fix the hole?" "The Dr will sew it up". "Oh". He said. "Does he know how to knit aswell?" Love him!!