Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Soap suds or a spritz of water?

Sorry about the dodgy photo. This Argyl cardigan has been waiting to be blocked for a while now. I thought I'd do it now before I get caught up in the Knit Olympics and it'll get forgotten about.

How do you block? I know some simply pin out the garment and spritz water or steam over it. I've been known to even just take a hot iron over a garment. *Gasp* However, I do find that by properly washing in soap suds it makes the garment feel softer and more manageable. But we all love a short cut.

This Argyl was soaked in warm soap suds and I'm hoping it will dry over night so I can sew it together ahead of Friday's opening ceremony, where I'll be casting on for the Jaywalkers. Go Great Britain Team, Go. Oh and... Go, DPN Team Go.

IVF rollercoaster - I'm getting giddy, but want to stay on longer. 18 eggs collected. 9 fertilised. As of today (day 2) I have 7 grade 1's. So, on the embryo side that's not bad.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Way to lay those eggs!!!

Bonnie said...

Love the color! Oh the fun of blocking.....can you sense the sarcasm ?

Ruth said...

your argyl sweater is looking really nice! yea, i usually wetblock all my items - perhaps i should shorten the process and just spritz/steam..? =)

Agnes said...

I am also learning to be patient with blocking. Soaking the whole thing completely in soapy water then block really makes lots of difference, especially with bulky sweater. It becomes softer.

Starfish said...

7 Grade 1's is awesome! I lay mine tomorrow morning (cluck cluck).

I pretty much always block everything after it's all sewn up (as per SnB Nation suggestion) because it enables me to *ahem* smooth out any inconsistencies in my seaming method. It looks those cool colors!

KnitYoga said...

Like you, I used to just spritz but now I nearly always wet block and find it makes a huge difference. Good luck with the IVF - and the Olympics, too!!

Lolly said...

the sweater is so cute!

The way I block a garment depends on the fiber I am working with - I most frequently spritz and pin, but some of the sweater I have made lately have been soaked and then pinned.

Great news on the IVF front.