Monday, December 11, 2006

A house becomes a knitters home

Our new house is slowly becoming a knitters home again, with WIP's left in every room! Must say, Hubby isn't too impressed.

N.B These photos have not been set up, they are the real homes of these WIP's.

Unfortunately, no progress has been made with the Nosh's jumper this week, I've been pre-occupied with the grey scarf (pictured) for BIL. Although, I'm now thinking I don't have enough yarn for a thick cable scarf.

I've two balls of Lion Brand thick and quick, one black and one grey... any suggestions for man's scarf?

The Nosh is eating like there is no tomorrow!! If he could talk, he'd ask for steak 'n chips, I'm sure. 6oz every 2-3 hours!! Can't really moan though, 'cos its getting him through the night and I'm catching my zzzd's.

The Bubela's "grown up" tooth is surfacing, and the next one is wobbling. I've told him to eat on the other side so as not to disturb the wobble. Wouldn't you for £10 a tooth!!


jody said...

LOL that looks like my house. I have a plastic bin that slides under the sofa...for times when I need to hide things in a hurry ;)

iSeL said...

Slowly getting back to normal? :D

phoeberae said...

I love a home that is lived in. Maybe my excuse for lazy mess, but is comforting to be surrounded by the things I love. A stitch here and a stitch there creates a work of art.