Monday, January 23, 2006

Is that your car? Not mine, is it yours?

What do you do when you get home to find a strange car parked in your drive. It could be anyone. Someone stealing all your belongings, someone hanging the dog by its tail or worse, someone dressing up in all your fancy underwear. *Gasp* Call the police.

Call the police.

Da da daaa....

Turns out my sister DID have a strange car parked on her front drive - and it wasn't her husbands, he was in the car with her.

Wait for police to escort them inside.

Police get there.

As she opens the front porch she finds a letter on the doormat. Its from a car hire place... " You were not in when delivery took place..." They delivered a car to the right number, right street, but wrong town. Shmucks.

I was tickled pink when she told me.

Nothing like wasting police time to fight crime.

Thank god the dog's alright, oy, if only...

Meanwhilst, in the house of Pea I sit here fixing up Ted. I ruffle the edgings of my alphabet blanket, yet I have no photos to share. I'll share some tomorrow.


goodkarma said...

Hilarious. Imagine the poor soul who was waiting all day for their rental car!

auntyk said...

I like you blog! That alphabet blanket is gorgeous! Very inspiring.