Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here is the front of the tank top I knit up for the Bubela. He says he likes it, but we'll see if he actually wears it when its finished! I've taken the cable and rib pattern from the original design by Debbie Bliss and just used my calculations to make it into a vest top.

I did have to frog once or twice, the first being because the V was too deep and the second the shoulders were too thin (although looking at this picture they look remarkably thin, but rest assured its just due to curling). I think it looks ok now. Im planning to pick up all edges around armholes and v-neck and do a 2x2 rib.

Are you ready for the Knit Olympics?? I'm plutzing here waiting for it to arrive already.
And guess what? There's a USA Bobblicious Team going on. If you want the link to the pattern, its in my sidebar. Good luck, I'm supporting you!!

I'll be supporting United Kingdom and I've also joined myself to the Team Dpn. I figure the more I join, the more support I get and I won't end up an "Eddie the Eagle".

Thank you all for your well wishes, they truly mean so much to me.

How do I feel today? Well, I'm in tomorrow to lay my eggs. Thank god, because its not so great feeling bloated and incontinent. The larger my follicles were growing, I'm sure something was leaning on my bladder. Oy, the prospect of being old.


goodkarma said...

I just want to keep the good thoughts flowing your way. Fingers crossed and all. :)

Anita said...

Help! I'm trying to knit Bobbilicious for the Olympics. During some weekend "trial runs," I really had a hard time with the bobbles. Most of my bobbles were not round - they were more US football shaped (pointy at each end) and I even had one bobble that was half on the RS & half on the WS! Bobbles are so intimidating and very mean little creatures! Do you have any tips on how to bobble more consistently? And, if I do happen to make a bobble correctly, how will I know?

Good luck with your eggs. I'll keep my needles crossed! 8-D

SweetPeaknits said...

Anita - I sent you an email going through the bobbles. Basically the bobble loos like a cap (i.e. wrong side is flat and right side appears with bobble).

Bea said...

Hi Sweet Pea! (I call my baby girls 'sweet pea'! And being you've got this fab Bobblicious thing happenin'? I'm just gonna count you as one of my own!

BTW - I'm the one who requested the Bobblicious Team Button! How COOL is that!!! Now that I've read Anita? I'm concerned - and going to go knit a bobble right away!!! It wouldn't do to come up on Olympic day and my bobbles be all wrong! :o)

Blessings, Little One!!!

Ruth said...

wow your tank looks really nice!! =)

Bea said...

Help! Are there supposed to be holes next to the bobble? :o( I'm thinking I did something wrong? But, what? I'm really pattern challenged I know. This should be simple right? Hey! They 'look' like caps atleast!


Amy G. said...

I want to join the USA team Bobblicious too!
Would Lion Brand Homespun work for this? Or do I need to stick with the Thick and Quick? The reason I asked is because I am "in Love" with some of the Homespun colors and I don't know how to substitute yarn.

Hope your eggs went well today.
Take care!

SweetPeaknits said...

Amy G - the Homespun yarn is a Bulky yarn knitting 14sts to 4" whereby the Thick n Quick is a super Bulky knitting 9st to 4".

If you knit up Bobblicious in the Homespun, it will be a smaller fit.

If you wish to sub the yarn email me at emoscow at onetel dot com and I'll go through the maths.

jacqueline said...

good luck for tomorrow! sending you many good wishes and blessings.