Sunday, January 29, 2006

Its Only a Game

We didn't win. Well, I didn't really expect to, but I had everything mapped out had I won the 100,000,000 GBP.

£100,000,000. Oy, what would you do with that?

First, I'd have had a good old spend with the plastic on the net.

Then, I'd have invited my whole family over for dinner, I love to cook. I wish I had the space to entertain more often. I'd have used the good china, with the silver cutlery. Ach, *waving hand in dismissal* I'd have bought new china for the occasion. I'd have placed an envelope at each setting with the recipients name upon it. Inside would have been a nice surprise. A cheque for... enough for your wishes to come true. Oy, sounds a bit shmultzy, but thats how i'd have done it.

Then, I'd have booked a cruise. A Caribbean one maybe, or Baltic possibly and taken my family and friends with me. We would have had the big round table in the middle of the dining room, the one where all the noise usually comes from. Hubby would have been ok with that table, especially with not the need to share it with strangers.

We'd also buy our dream house. Everyone has a dream house, right? Mine doesn't really call for much, I'd just like a big kitchen. Ok, and an indoor swimming pool, maybe with a gym in the basement or something. A big dinning room for entertaining... I'm sure Hubby would want to go and buy a car (or two), not me, I'm not into cars. I'd probably splash out on handbags and shoes (and yarn of course). The Bubela would probably like to go wild at Hamley's, his toy heaven.

But, hey, ve didn't vin.


Sharon J said...

Maybe next time? I like the idea of inviting people to dinner and giving them a cheque. As for my dream home... a decent sized cottage with roses around the door and delphiniums and lupins in the garden, somewhere near the coast. Bliss. ~Sharon

amylovie said...

What a yarn shop I would have if I won the lottery!!

Thank you for your sweet comment. I felt kind of geeky taking the pictures, but I did it anyway.