Monday, January 16, 2006

Having a bad head day

Here's Ted. He's a cross between a "Mr Personality" and "Mr Muscles". You know the type, fab body, great personality, shame about the face. Well, this ted has got great feet, great arms and great body. But, and I hate to say it, a face that needs help.

Ouch!! I told you his face wasn't anything special. There were so many markers to match, and bits to sew to bits that I, hands up, messed up. Don't worry though, once I've tarted him up in a night gown and cap, given him some eyes and a nose he'll be bright as anything *I hope*.


anna said...

he'll be gorgeous once he's got a face on! a bit less like he's been punched!

iSeL said...

Poor little guy! What have you done to him? Was that the hormones too? ;D

Can't wait to see him finished.

diana said...

Oh, he looks kinda cute. But it's a definitely a face that needs to grow on you a bit!

Cerella said...

He is cute! But guess've been tagged!
Just go to my blog!

SweetPeaknits said...

Guys, I know he's got a sorry face - Hubby thinks he looks like a hostage. I tell you though, he's going to be one loved teddy when I through with him.

Cerella - thanks for my FIRST EVER tag.

C x said...

Hello SweetPea :)

Thanks for the blog comment. I absolutely adore the whole Rowan Classic range. Its very similar to Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, but IMO its even softer, and does not shed so much (In my experience the DB leaves bits of fluff all over the floor when you are working with it.)As for the Classic Babies book, there are some really cute patterns, at just over a fiver its reasonably good value imo.


C x

Sharon J said...

My daughter made a teddy recently that didn't look quite the way she'd hoped. She was so upset as it was only her second proper knitting project. I shall send her over here to look at yours, just to prove that even otherwise accomplished knitters can produce things with "personality" at times :) ~Sharon