Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live8 - thank you!!

Not only did you entertain my whole day with fantastic music and artists (Bono and Robbie you need a HUGE mention here), but you helped me in the progress of Rowan's Elspeth. Its not that you didn't entertain me enough and I had to entertain myself too, its just that I can't sit and watch TV twiddling my thumbs. I would end up biting my nails off, and with Live8 probably the skin right up to my knuckles.

I was playing around with my new Shine from Knitpicks and found myself casting on for Elspeth. After two false starts, dropping a couple of needle sizes and singing along to Sir Elton, I managed to get half the back done. I had not even intended knitting this up with the Shine (Shine was for Crumpets), but it is so soft and I love the way it has knitted up... so it stays! I love the colour too and will definately be ordering more of this.

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Annie said...

How did you get yarn from KnitPicks? They say that they don't ship to the UK, which is a source of great regret for me! (Probably good for my bank balance, though!)