Sunday, June 26, 2005

We're Back!!

Yes, here we are back in the land of tea and biscuits. We arrived home tired, worn out, and an extra suitcase in tow. No we didn't kidnap Mickey Mouse, just an obscene amount of shopping.

I even managed to squeeze in a visit to a yarn store I'd found on the internet. Hopskotch in Celebration, Orlando. I was slightly disappointed with the this little boutique, it was primarily a clothes store with a couple of shelves of expensive yarn. Would I recomend it? Just for the visit to Celebration, definately.

I visited Michaels too and found they had ton loads of acrylic, yarn snob here sorry. I did come across some Lion Brand Thick and Quick wool, so I grabbed it and ran.

A wonderful package was here awaiting my return. Yes, my Knit Picks yarn. Its gorgeous, I've fallen in love all over again, especially with the "shine" (not picutred). Pictured is the "wool of the andes"... I see ANOTHER bag in the horizon.
Shanidy, thank you so much for shipping this out to me.


Shanidy said...

I'm so glad to see that you like it and it got there safely! The picture is so cute! I can't wait to take a child to Disneyworld!

Esther said...

Hi there - where can I find the pattern/book for the Elspeth you're making? It is so beautiful!

SweetPeaknits said...

Esther - I had to frog that picture of Elspeth, it turned into a real disaster. However, its looking good now. Elspeth is from Rowan 37, the pattern is also in this months Simply Knitting magazine.