Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Frogging shrug!!

I've joined a knitalong over at Craftster for the IK cabled shrug (IK Fall 2005). Or, I should say "stupidly joined this knitalong"! What was I thinking? I'm knitting up with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which I bought at Coldspring Mill for a real bargain. I love the colour and I love the pattern, but boy have you seen that cabled chart. Here take a closer look . I've managed to start 3 times now without throwing it at the wall. I shall calmly be frogging AGAIN and shall cast on AGAIN tomorrow.

Elspeth is coming along lovely. Now I've got the hang of the pattern repeat, Im flying through. My problem is going to be the crocheted edges. I've never picked up a hook in my life. I'm looking forward to the frustration with the help of chocolates and truffles, trust me, it helps.

I took the Bubela to visit his new school yesterday. Arrrhhhh, what a lovely school and the Bubela just loved it. He is starting in September. MY LITTLE BUBELA IS STARTING PRE-SCHOOL IN SEPTEMBER!! It seems like yesterday when I was digging my french manicured nails into DH and roaring at him that, yes, labour is THAT PAINFUL!

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francoise said...

You'll see, once you get the hang of it, crochet is easy (and much quicker than knitting...). Love your Chicago by the way. I'm knitting it myself and I really love it.