Saturday, July 09, 2005

Elspeth Frogged!

Elspeth (Rowan 37) turned into a mess of uncoordinated disaster. Lace holes in wrong places and dropped stitches, urgh, just a mess. I frogged the whole back and half the front and have started again. Now that I know the pattern repeat quite confidently, I'm hoping it will be a smooth knit.
I've got to say that the Knit Picks Shine is wonderful to work with. Its soft and cosy to touch and its managed to stay in tact post-frogging with no fuzzy bits. As to its durability after wash and wear, that I have yet to see.


iSeL said...

That sucks, but sometimes frogging is a necessary part of the process. It's looking beautiful, though!
Very feminine and sexy pattern.

Esther said...

So sorry you frogged it! Sometimes for "sanity" the frogging is inevitable but it was looking so pretty....