Monday, July 25, 2005

Welcome to the school Summer Holidays

Are we not supposed to be splashing around in the paddling pool in the garden, or bike riding in the park, or maybe jumping through the sprinkler in our swimmers? Hardly. We have had nothing but rain this week. I'm not complaining, really Im not... its good for my grass. But, give a kid a break, the Bubela just wants to play in the paddling pool.

The Bubela finished Nursery on Friday with a Leaving Concert. Here he is singing "Shalom Haverim" (translated Hebrew/English Goodbye Friends). Apologies for the poor photo, but I was juggling between the video and the camera at the time.

Here's my new project, I'm so excited about it. I won this book on Ebay last week and when I received it I had to put all WIP down and start making one. I'm very much like that, if I have a bee in my bonnet, then I have to drop everything for it. This little baby only took a couple of hours!! What do you think? I love him, I think he is really cute. Isn't it a great thing to sell at the school bazar? Would they sell? I dont know, what do you think? This little baby is made of Rowan, so he is soft and cuddly.

*edited to add* I received a reply from Cocky Little S**t today in response to my email setting out my terms of employment (as he was so vague I had to put something in concrete).
Email: thanks email will consider.
Oh, honestly, is he for real. I despise the fella already and I'm not even working for him.


Shanidy said...

I hate people like that!!! People are not too important to write full length sentences. If they are, they need a vacation!!! I hope you have a good experience working there.

I think that the toy is so cute! I bet they would sell. For that matter, I would probably buy one!!!!

Esther said...

Toy is adorable!!!!!!! And I agree with Shanidy - you should make them and sell them!

Annie said...

I have that book of toys. I knitted the bell-hop for my Mum and it's her favourite thing I've ever made! They would sell pretty well I guess.