Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lose a pound, gain a pattern

This is the pattern repeat I'm going to use. I like it, I have to like it, it took me long enough to work it all out. Actually, there's nothing to dislike it's a tidy diamond cable, edged by two cables either side. Its a bit bunched up on my bamboo straight, however you can see it fairly clearly.

Oh, and there is an incy wincy error at the bottom of the left cable, but don't worry your feathers, I will rectify it. The plan was to just knit up and take notes of the first pattern repeat, then frog and re-knit from the pattern to make sure it was error-free. How's that for perfection... something I'm having to get used to in knitting.

I've not clocked up many working hours in the last couple of days, for sorting out this headache of a cable pattern. I feel like I can sort of relax a bit now. Is there some sort of free download that can chart out cables for future reference? I think I've really gone around the houses with this cable design and feel like I'll be herding the sheep in next. *Note to self, remember to buy some sort of stitch dictionary*

I finally went to the gym today with a friend. Thank you for inviting me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone. I'll weigh myself tomorrow, however, I do think I've lost weight through just not having time to cook and eat because of this damn pattern.

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