Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Habit or OCD

Everyone has an obsessive compulsive disorder. Some more obsessive than others. Some more annoying than others. And some you just think are cute and learn to live with.

Hubby is a right angles man. Everything has to be straight or in right angles. Take his bedside drawer for instance, hankerchiefs are perfectly folded on the right, cuff links and buttons on the left. God forbid something should be askew in there. His shirts are placed perfectly in his wardrobe with a 2" gap between each one.

He's also a man of habit. Good and bad. He ALWAYS leaves his shoes by the front door for all and sundry to trip over.

Me, on the other hand, I'm perfect. Ha, no seriously, I too have my own obsessive compulsive disorders. I seem to do everything in excess. Buying clothes, if I find something I like, I'll buy it in every colour it comes in. When I cook a meal Hubby likes I make it to the point that the oven is even sick of cooking it.

Also, my knitting can be a bit on the excessive side. Take the Debbie Bliss Argyl cardigan. Its cute, I enjoyed knitting it. Not one of my favourites, but hey it was good. I even had to frog and knit again, remember? But, I can't just be satisfied with knitting up one, no, I'm knitting up another. Oy.

The picture? I'm a bit too embarrassed to talk about my yarn buying obsessions.

*Note to Hubby* All that yarn, I'm looking after it for a friend, ok?


Ruth said...

oooh... yummy yarn!! do i see rowan in there?? =)

Lolly said...

hehe! I think we all have that same OCD ;) Ah, my stash grows way too fast...

Bonnie said...

OCD habits are so personalized. I have never been fond of my food touching since I was a very small child. I especially hate for salad dressing to touch anything other than the salad. Yikes, I sound nuts! Thank goodness I don't care if my novelty yarns touch my regular yarns! ;-)