Saturday, October 22, 2005

X Factor, knit style

The knitting world has jumped on the X Factor bandwagon. Or to be more specific, Scotland has set up a competition - X Factor style.

Click here for more details.

A tiny Island just off Scotland called Fair Isle is holding an X Factor type competition for someone to live and KNIT on the Island. Life cannot get more exciting than that. Live among the sheep, sleep among the sheep and to breath... you get the picture. Walking yarn balls!! Can you tell I'm a city girl who buys her yarn over the internet.

Anyway, the deadline for applications has now closed and the results will be drawn in May 2006. Can't wait to hear about the lucky bugger!

1 comment:

iSeL said...

Oh no, I hope you have enough yarn!
The sweater is looking beatiful. Love that color, too.