Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If the baby's cute, buy it!

I received two great books for my birthday yesterday from one of my dear friends. They are what I call "a good trashy read". I rarely judge a book by its cover, when I'm in a book shop I always read the first paragraph, if grabs me, then I'm hooked.

Dear Diary, Today I had the most embarrassing experience - with one of my regulars. Howard was flat on his back enjoying our threesome with Allison when I decided to straddle him backward - something I've done hundreds of time. So I carefully lowered my body, confident that my acrobatics looked like zero effort.
Diary of a Manhattan call girl by Tracy Quan.

I'm gonna love this book. Move over Bridget Jones, Nancy Chan is in town!

As for my knitting books, I buy most of them from Amazon, so it literally is a case of judge a book by its cover. If the baby's cute, buy it!

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