Monday, October 03, 2005

Back from Venice

A motorway drive, an airplane, a coach, a water taxi and a few good bridges to bring to you - a yarn store. Impressive or what.

Actually, I'm not showing off here, but there are two yarn stores in Venice! One is tucked under a bridge and the other shares its shop with underwear. *Why?*.

The best is yet to come.

Hand in hand we walked over ever bridge and down every lane in Venice. We still know how to romance you know. The scenery was picturesque, the architecture was magnificent and the food was delicious... You can't beat a proper spag bol!

As we walked past the Institute of Art, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. Well, you could hardly miss it to be honest.


Not one, not two, but three big balls of wool. Oy, wool heaven!


iSeL said...

That is so awesome! What a cool thing. You look so cute. :D

Ruth said...

wow!! that is a huge ball! in a really yummy color too... hehe

Bonnie said...

I wonder just how many ponchos and sweaters that ball would make?