Friday, October 07, 2005

Bet you can't juggle with 5 double pointed needles...I can

Finally, and successfully I have completed a lace project, River. Something I thought I would never accomplish. After clearing one hurdle, I thought I'd try my hand at knitting socks. So last night, me, 5 double pointed metal needles, a ball of magic stripes and a sock pattern by Nancy Bush curled up on the sofa for a go... oh, and a handmade (by me) stitch marker, can't forget the blessed stitch marker which was more of a hindrance than a help.

I casted on 60 stitches, juggled with the dpn's for a bit then shared them between 3 needles and attempted knitting in the round. Attempted! Tell me, is it easier to knit socks on 4 needles? *scratching head and thinking there's gotta be an easier way to do this*. It was my first attempt, not a very good one at that, but you know what they say... practice makes purrrrrfict!

So, I'm going to change my strategy a bit. Either, look for a simple sock pattern, beginner style, or start on this cape creation.

This is the City Slicker Cape, Knit 1 (premiere issue). This is one of those projects that I instantly loved, so I bought the yarn and automatically added it to the pile of projects waiting to be started. One minor issue holding me back... amongst the hundreds of pairs of needles (some doubles), I do not possess a pair of 8mm. *Wickedly smiling* I see another set of bamboos coming my way *he he*.


Esther said...

Girl don't feel bad - the dpns in the round bit takes getting used to - I know that even now - socks and socks later, when I go to cast=on for another pair I still scratch my head, my left eye twitches and I find myself talking to myself - "now how does this go again??"

Jenn said...

I think 5 is much easier than 4. Something about the way the "not-in-use" needles hang with 5 is easier to hold and manipulate. And you can do any pattern on 5 even if it calls for 4. Once you get those first few rounds done, it becomes MUCH easier to work all those needles!

Eilene said...

You look gorgeous in River. I love how she lays around your shoulders! Is the color Grace?

chele said...

I love your work on the Debbie Bliss sweater! Enjoy the weekend~