Sunday, February 01, 2009

I went with a puff sleeve

I decided to go with the red binding, the brown just did nothing for the dress. Its a really nice linen mix binding and its lovely to work with, especially around curves. I did wonder about putting a collar in, but after much deliberation and even sketching it out (EVEN muttering to oneself at the table and raising all sorts of eyebrows??) I decided against it as what I had in mind just didn't work for that dress. I did however re-think the sleeves and decided to put in a puff sleeve with with an elasticated cased cuff. What do you think?

*I really need to buy another mannequin, this one is only 6 months and is not holding my clothes nicely*

Buttons: I bought some of those cover your own button thingys. Oy vey, the packet said they were easy to make, well, let me tell you they're not! I broke my nails, tore my cuticles, chipped my polish and found a whole new vocabulary whilst trying to get the fabric to grip the teeth... or teeth grip fabric. Grrrr. I only managed to cover one button. Sodding button! I wont be using it, I'll be framing it what it only put me through. Thank goodness I didn't like the look. I'll have a dig around in my button jars for something suitable.

Made up in a Age 4. I'm going to make this in a couple more sizes, any modifications you think I should make? Especially with regards to the sleeves.

Here's my little Bubela doing a great job modelling this alien t-shirt (which has now somehow worked its way into his wardrobe). *OK Bubela, I will make you a Mario Bros t-shirt*

I've been a naughty naughty WW. Far too many biscuits that didn't get pointed. So long to that initial 2 pount loss. OK. Back on track with a great start... a 2 point brekkie porridge. Lets shed this half a stone, come on!


Dreams of Yarn said...

I love the sleeves. I think they look great! And the T-Shirt looks fab!

Sweet Angel Delights said...

Love your work. Look forward to seeing your collection and purchasing a few garments.

Jemma said...

Oh I just noticed your fabulous shirt down the bottom - what a great design :)


SweetPeaknits said...

Awww, thanks Jemma... more of those to come!