Saturday, February 28, 2009

Craft Fair #1 !!

Im back. I'm knackered, and I'm delighted to tell you all about my first experience at todays craft fair.

It started when I bounced out of bed at 6am. Nothing out of the ordinary, Im usually up at 6am, albeit without the bounce. More of a nudge to the body that lay aside me, "you get up", "no you", "you"... and so on until I lose. The only difference this morning was we both bounced (yes BOTH) out of bed. I'd like to think Hubby had the bounce out of sheer shared excitement, but it was more of an "have I got a busy day today and all I need is to shlap around after you today" bounce. Nevertheless, a bounce.

The Fair: Was it good? Was it bad? I'd say good and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My surrounding exhibitors, on the other hand, were quite disappointed and said it was the worst fair they'd ever exhibited at. Oh. :| My stall was a hit and was constantly buzzy (and busy), I did well. I had jewellery to my right and incense burners to my left, which I have to say if it wasn't for the Bubela knocking my rail over with it falling on her and leaving me everso sorry and embarrassed, I'd have told her to extinguish her incense sticks. I wasn't coming down with the cold she kept insisting!

My biggest hit were the t-shirts, especially the "Mummy's little Martian", I ran out and had to take orders!! I also took orders on my dresses which I shall be uploading to Etsy for sale shortly.

Oh, do you notice in the photo my "other" mannequin. I'm like a secret smoker, except a secret buyer of mannequins. When it came out this morning I managed to convince hubby she'd been around for... like ever!!

Do I publicly embarrass the Bubela and introduce you to his girlfriend? This little lovely was my first buyer of the day!

**Hubby, I love you, and thank you, thank you, thank you for packing up the car, dropping me off, helping me set up today... and every other amazing thing you did today ;) **.

#2 Here I come!


June said...

So pleased it went well yesterday. Jacqui and I were thinking of you during the day. Your stall looks very nice with those gorgeous T-shirts. Well done to you!

Dreams of Yarn said...

So wonderful to hear your day went well! Whats even better is that you not only sold, but took orders for more! YAY! The more you do these shows, the more you will learn about what you need to have stocked for them etc. Best of luck! you ARE on your way!

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Great news - always good to hear when a fair goes well and running out of stock is always a good sign!

Sarah said...

your setup looks really cute & professional - nicely done!